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Vampire Diaries Star Ian Somerhalder Admits To Stealing Wife’s Birth Control

Back in July, actors Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed had their daughter Bodhi Soleil. Two months later, we have now learned how this family really came to be.

In an interview with Doctor Berlin, host of the Informed Pregnancy podcast, Reed spoke about becoming pregnant, saying Somerhalder “threw out all my birth control pills” on a trip to Spain. Somerhalder confirmed this statement, saying:

“Unbeknownst to poor Nikki, she didn’t realize I was going to go in her purse and take out her birth control.”

He also said he has a video of an upset Reed as he flushed the pills down the toilet. After this, he admitted he was the one who wanted children.

Although the couple laughs about it now—and Reed denies she was forced into having a baby—this action on Somerhalder’s part has already sparked debates online and shows a malicious side of the former Vampire Diaries star.

For starters, is it really that hard to discuss having children beforehand? Somerhalder could have simply approached his wife, and asked if she was ready for children. If she wasn’t ready—or if she didn’t want children at all—it’s simple enough to respect her wishes.

Instead, Somerhalder took the selfish, manipulative route, by sneaking behind Reed’s back, stealing her personal items, and throwing them out… all so he could be a father before he turned 40.

To make matters worse, he filmed the whole process on his phone, complete with Reed “freaking out” as he describes. To make light of such an act is an incredibly low move and borders on emotionally abusive.

Birth control is not just used to prevent pregnancy: It is also used for a number of menstrual issues like cramps and heavy blood flow. While we don’t know if Reed uses birth control for any of these reasons, it is a possibility. If this is the case, Somerhalder throwing out her medication is not only selfish, but it’s unsafe.

To the outside world, Somerhalder and Reed seem like the perfect couple, with frequent selfies and loving comments being posted on each other’s Instagrams. However, if Somerhalder can commit an act like this without any remorse, one can’t help but wonder what else happens behind closed doors.

I used to be a huge fan of Somerhalder; as a matter of fact, he was my celebrity crush at one point. However, his actions in recent years have made him difficult to like. This behavior only makes my feelings worse.

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