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What Brings (Me) Happiness

Losing your focus on positive things can happen easily, so it’s always important to sit and think about stuff that makes you happy. Here are mine.

There are many beautiful things in life that we should appreciate more often.

Whether it is your friends, your family or your best friend.

Sunsets, sunrises or quite (noisy) coffee shops.

Fall or sweaty summer. Pool days or not.

Adventures with your friends or act-like-a-tourist day.

Gazing at happy strangers or saddened, lonely ones who you want to do absolutely everything in your power to make them crack a smile.

Reading a book, reciting poetry or going to an art museum. Watching a new movie that you’ve been waiting for weeks to be out or listening to an album for the first time.

Vinyl, commonplace books or memoirs that make you get to know a person in their most vulnerable form. Your favorite food, or a recipe you’ve never tried before.

Concerts, stand up comedy or meet ups where you find whoever makes you laugh (or cry).

Text messages, face time calls or long ass audios that make you realize that you’re not truly alone.

Disposable cameras, professionals ones or crappy phone ones that promise to hold onto your memories. Physical copies or your Instagram feed that you can look at forever and relive.

The outfit you love the most or the comfort of sweats and a messy bun.

Your favorite perfume on yourself or anyone else’s.

Traveling to places you never thought you would be, and falling in love with them like they were your first love. Every single time.

New people, new experiences and new wisdom without ever forgetting the ones that were there before.

Tears of joy, or the bad ones that molded you into the stronger person who stands today.

Learning, watching, tasting, seeing… what do you adore?

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