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What Fitness Vlogger Natacha Oceane Teaches About Health, Science and Body Positivity

When a person wants to start getting into shape, where will they start looking for help or inspiration? For many people, especially young or teenage girls, that place is YouTube. However, some YouTubers aren’t qualified to help you with your fitness in a healthy way. Their methods aren’t always backed up by science and often times isn’t the healthiest way to go. A lot of the time they don’t address all of the difficulties that come with getting into shape or make you feel like you have to be miserable to get the results you want.  For example, this video:

The video is about only eating one meal per day to lose weight. For many people, it wouldn’t work, and it would make them feel miserable! There is one YouTuber though, who does her research, teaches you how to get fit in a safe and healthy way, is backed up by science, does address difficulties that come with a fitness journey, preaches body positivity, and so much more. That YouTuber is Natacha Oceane.

At first glance, Natacha Oceane’s channel seems like any other fitness channel on YouTube. There are “what I eat in a day” videos, videos showing her workouts, and an assortment of other fitness videos. But, Natacha’s diet videos are much different from many peoples. To start with, she eats A LOT. She eats around 2,800 calories a day! And that’s ok! In these videos, she also preaches eating intuitively, which means eating the things that you feel like your body needs by listening to what your body is telling you and responding. This is a very important message! You don’t have to completely cut out carbs or fats to get the results you want, just listen to yourself!

How does she eat a lot and still stay fit? Well to keep it short, it comes down to metabolism. If you are active, then you need food to fuel that activity. By keeping your metabolism up and staying active, you can eat a bunch more food and it will be perfectly ok! Now, of course, you can’t eat 2,300 calories worth of cake and expect that to work out, but if you eat 2,300 calories worth of mostly clean, unprocessed foods, with a little bit of dessert thrown in here and there, everything will still work out. This is a really short description of this process when really there is a bunch of science to back it up. Luckily, Natacha has made multiple videos solely to address this and how to go about it. She has really done her research and makes sure that what she is teaching us through her videos is proven by facts. She has worked with a world-leading Performance Dietician who has worked with Olympic athletes, Renee McGregor. She has also studied for a PhD.

Natacha also emphasizes that when it comes to working out, you should do what you like best. Sure, HIIT burns a ton of calories, but if you hate it, then you won’t put in all of your effort and you won’t get the same results. Natacha shows functional training on her channel, but she also has been working hard at her gymnastics lately, simply because she enjoys it! I had never seen training like what she does, but it completely changed the way I worked out! It’s an important message to hear for many people and she talks about it quite a lot.

Outside of fitness Natacha also shows bits of her life and talks about other important topics as well. She often times talks about body confidence and confidence in general. She stresses the importance of getting enough sleep. She has worked hard for her education and talks about that. She had a set plan for her life but made a decision to change that plan to something that she would actually enjoy and be happy to do. She is a very positive person in general and really wants to help her viewers to achieve their goals. Natacha Oceane is important for young people and older people alike who are trying to change their life for the better. Go check her out on Youtube and stay healthy and happy!

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