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What We Know So Far About John Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place Part II” Teaser Trailer

Crickets, leaves rustling, footsteps- silence, and yet so much noise. A release of a teaser trailer has announced that the post-apocalyptic world that fears sound is returning to screens in March 2020! That being said, the trailer is only 30 seconds long- surely not enough to tell us anything about what we should expect. Arguably, this makes this teaser seem somewhat pointless due to its lack of information regarding the sequel to ‘A Quiet Place’. However, through close attention and research, the trailer does give us some information about what we should expect.

Firstly, leaving off from the first movie, we are aware that the Lee Abbott is now gone due to his heroic actions of saving his children. This leaves just Evelyn, Regan, Marcus Abbot and the baby. From the teaser, it is clear that they are now on the move. As mentioned before, the teaser provides a strong emphasis on the diegetic sounds including the crickets, their footsteps and the wind causing the leaves the rustle. I think it is interesting that despite the movie being based on silence, it allows the audience to pay attention to diegetic sounds that we generally wouldn’t generally focus on. The use of these sounds, is that it creates a sense of tension as we are prepared for a slight volume in noise that may trigger the monsters to come out. Moreover, at the end of the teaser, Krasinski focuses on a broken branch that the character’s need to pass. However, he cuts to a black screen revealing the title, creating an open-ended question to the teaser- How will they get passed the branch without creating too much noise that will trigger the monsters? Furthermore, the fact that the character’s are on the move allows for the question of why are they on the move? Surely, the home they had before was the safest for them.

Moreover, one key aspect that is not mentioned in this teaser is the fact that Cillian Murphy will be starring in the movie. This is interesting as Murphy generally steers towards background characters. However, it is likely that Murphy will be playing a key character in the sequel due to the movies minimalist nature in terms of actors. It is unclear as to whether Murphy will be playing a villain or not. However, from the IMDb description of the sequel, it is understood that the sequel will be focusing on Abbott family as they “face the terrors of the outside world” and come to the realization that “the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats that lurk beyond the sand path.” Therefore, through this description, it suggests that there is a 50/50 chance that Murphy will either be playing an ally or a villain. Perhaps due tot his being a post-apocalyptic world, the story will be close to that of John Hillcoat’s “The Road”, where humans become cannibalistic at the extent of survival.

As last time, the sequel will be directed and written by The Office fans favourite, John Krasinki. Alongside starring his wife, Emily Blunt, as one of the main protagonist. Moreover unlike the first movie, it seems that Krasinski has more input on the screenplay, unlike the previous movie. In the first movie, Krasinski was one of many screenwriters alongside Bryan Woods and Scott Beck who originally came up with the story. However, it seems that in this movie, the movie is “written by” Krasinski and Beck and Woods are simply credited for writing the characters. Despite this, it is still early on, so information may alter as it comes closer to the release. Personally,  I think as an actor of the previous movie, having Krasinski as the director and writer provides a more realistic effect on the movie. This is due to the fact that, as an actor, Krasinski had the opportunity to physically dive into this fictional world. Therefore, it allows a better insight into the events that occurs, that a writer or director who didn’t star in the movie, may not be able to properly present on screen.


Stay tuned as the official trailer will be hitting us on New Year’s Day! Hopefully we will be given a proper insight into the sequel’s story-line, what character Cillian Murphy will be playing, and why the Abbott family has been forced out of their home.


“A Quiet Place Part II” will hit cinemas on March 20th, 2020.


Featured Image via IMDb.


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