When You Tell Me

A poem on self doubt

Courtesy of Tumblr

Sometimes the best times to write are at 2 in the morning, when sleep fails you. These are some thoughts that surged in that drowsy and melancholy state, and I hope that if someone connects to the poem, they will feel a little less alone upon discovering that they’re not the only ones with little sleep and too many thoughts.

Slow down, I’m so afraid

For so long now its been the same way

You tell me I’m beautiful

I wish I could see what you see

As long as I can remember

I’ve been afraid to let you in

No matter what you say, if you swear it’s the truth

No matter how much you mean it

I’ll always feel like an imposter to your words

Just promise you’ll stay

And I’ll try to believe it

It’s not your fault, you didn’t break me

I think I was broken to begin with

I’m trying to lighten the weight inside

I need my space

I need your thoughts

 They give me clarity

Because one day you’ll leave

And that’s all I’ll have left

Just promise you won’t go

And I’ll try to believe you

Just promise you won’t go

And I’ll try to to believe you

If I told you to carry my weight

What would you make of me?

If I told you to feel my ache

Would it still be worth it?

If you knew how messy it got

Would it still be beautiful?

Just promise you won’t go

I’ll try to believe it


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Written by Ximena Reyna

A book, movie, music and coffee enthusiast, I am an argumentative 17-year old girl in her senior year of high school trying to figure out the rest of her life.