Why Did I Ever Think of Loving You?

There comes a time in your life when you must evaluate the situation you are in and realize it is not worth the stress anymore. I wrote this at a time when I was questioning why I even wanted to be with someone who was incapable of reciprocating the same energy as me and the love I was capable of giving. It was when I realized that as a big-hearted individual, my main flaw is wanting to give everyone love, but I need to learn that I can’t give all of my love to everyone. I need to protect my energy.

You told me I brought you happiness

So, why did you bring me pain?

You said I brought sunshine to your life

So, why did you bring darkness to mine?

You said I was the only one there for you.

So, why did you put a knife in my back?

Why did you rip my heart from my chest.

Leaving me empty.

Why did you take my soul and leave me a zombie?

It’s as if you were a tornado ripping through a city.

Destroying everything in its path.

Why did you ruin me?

Why did you lay with me,

you never planned to be with me?

You said you’d make me a mother,

But never a wife.

No, you see I wasn’t good enough for you.

Undeserving of a title.

You used to bring butterflies to my stomach.

Now you bring moths.

You bring disgust.

Why did I ever lay with you?

Gave you my body, and you tore it in two.

Fuck you.

But silly me, why did I ever even think of loving someone like you?

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