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Why You Need to Watch Netflix’s ‘The Society’ Immediately

Can you imagine a world where everything that used to govern you has vanished — parents, teachers and the law?

Having trouble imagining such a scenario? Yeah, me too.

And to make matters all that more unbelievable, the people you are stuck with is the people from your high school! Frightening, yeah?

Well, Netflix’s original series The Society is based on all of this — a world where a class of high school seniors has been left stranded in a replica of their hometown. The only difference? Their parents, teachers, doctors, police officers — you name it — have all mysteriously vanished. And to make matters worse: they can’t seem to navigate a way out of the town that certainly is not their own.

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Perhaps an alternate universe? Or maybe they were abducted by aliens. Who knows?

What I do know, however, is that The Society features more than just surviving with your fellow classmates. The original Netflix series also covers topics such as consent, government and the power of youth, ultimately becoming a hit across various social media platforms by fans who are begging for a season two.

In today’s day and age, with the prominent #MeToo movement and the significance of consent being more openly spoken about, it’s important that new and upcoming TV series, as well as films, also cover the importance of consent.

With this in mind, The Society hits the nail on the head with this one. In various occasions throughout the show, there are instances when characters ask the other if it is “okay” to kiss them, for example. And it isn’t until that aforementioned character receives an affirming “yes” do they then follow through with the act. This behavior is seen again and again throughout the show as the various teenagers in the show always make sure to ask before they continue with any sort of action. If permission is failed to be granted by a character, the other will make it clear that the other “can’t just do that,” as demonstrated by two characters early on in the series.

This portrayal throughout the show ultimately gives viewers an inside look at consent while also teaching them the importance of clearance.

Now, in a world where all law practically ceases to exist, it is up to the teens in The Society to regain the balance of their lives before everything goes even more out of control. In doing so, the teenagers are forced to create their own government of sorts as well as their own police officers and lawyers. The kids even go as far as holding their own trial when a horrific event shatters their young community. Naturally so, during the trial, they are forced to deal with the matter at hand of whether or not the character on trial should face execution for their heinous crime. The teenagers must then come to reasonable terms of whether or not “an eye for an eye” should occur in their new world. This same idea brings us back to reality where such a task is dealt with every day. Whether or not to execute a criminal for their crime is a phenomenon that people have extremely divergent opinions on.

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By beginning a new society from complete and total scratch, the teenagers are simultaneously representing the power of youth. Here we have a group of teenagers who have been stranded by their parents and when any hope of returning to the world they once knew becomes slim, the teenagers turn to building a community with new rules, work hours for all and safety for the inhabitants of their new community. By doing so, the teenagers in the show prove that teenagers in the real world today are capable of doing the things which they put their minds to — as well as surviving.

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As of now, numerous teenagers in today’s society act as a perfect example of this. From seventeen-year-old actress, Rowan Blanchard who continuously fights for human rights, nineteen-year-old Parkland shooting survivor, Emma González who is a supporter of gun regulation and many, many more teens — it just goes to show how powerful our youth can be.

The Society is an action-packed, suspenseful and intriguing show that also benefits viewers greatly by the many topics covered throughout the Netflix series. If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for? 

For now, I am right there with everyone else who is eagerly awaiting news of a second season.

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