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With Every Breath

I wrote this poem a week ago, particularly for the JuneFalls Poetry Challenge. The prompt was, as you can probably guess, “With Every Breath.” As I usually do when I write poetry, I don’t necessarily think of me, but I think of the many random characters that pollute my brain. Being a writer is exhausting business, yes. I thought of a character that has had a rocky path, as alluded to in line 6 and 9, and has found the love of their life. With every breath, they fall more and more in love. I hope that readers can relate; and if they can’t, I hope that they can enjoy nonetheless!

with every look

your coffee-colored eyes create a chill of inquietude

that runs down my spine.

with every smile

your beautiful imperfections make me want to believe that

i could be imperfect, too, and it’ll be okay.

with every touch, and every kiss,

i can feel myself drowning, peacefully, willingly, because the waves you construct

are the closest things to home that i’ll ever know.


and some say that i shouldn’t design a home in a person,

that i shouldn’t build you out to be everything and more,

but those people clearly don’t know that

with every breath you take,

every beat of your heart and every move that you make,

i find myself falling more and more in love with you.

and i am unable to stop.

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