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X Amount of Words

This poem was written when I had difficulty describing someone I admire. Anything I wrote, it wasn’t good enough. I realized no words are good enough. There’s an X amount of words to describe how wonderful the person I admire truly is.

The pages of my journals are suffocated with every detail of your loveliness

Starting with something simple

Like those freckles that rested gently on your skin

That smile that radiated sunshine

Those eyes that gleamed with kindness

That dimple that revealed your happiness

Or something a bit more complex

Like that beautiful soul of yours

Your strength

The way you managed shined after all of the storms you’ve been through

Your heart

The way you gave even when you had nothing

Although the English language allows me to choose from such a variety of beautiful words to describe your greatness

I have come to the conclusion that no amount of words

No matter how beautiful they may be

Will have the ability to accurately depict the loveliness that makes up every atom of your being

You deserve your own vocabulary

A vocabulary made up of only the universe’s most breathtaking form of diction

You are the universe’s most divine soul

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