You Are You, Not Her…

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Why do you always compare yourself to other girls? You stumble across a random photograph on Instagram of a girl, any girl, and your mind immediately thinks of how her stomach doesn’t bulge out, or how beautiful the sharp contours of her face are or how her legs probably don’t move when she walks. You see so many other girls leaving comments like ‘Figure Goals!’ and ‘So Jealous’, and you can’t help but think I will never get comments like that under my pictures.

But the thing is, you only see her body from the angle she wants to portray. Everyone has something they are insecure about, who is to say she doesn’t. You shouldn’t feel the need to compare her beauty to yours to determine your worth. You have to remember, just because you don’t look like her doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. She is beautiful because she is herself, not someone else, the same way you are beautiful, because you are you, and not anyone else. You are you, not her.

Because you don’t look like her doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. Just think about it. You are you. You are different. You look different, your personality is different, your soul is different. So stop with the ‘Body Goals’ and ‘Figure Goals’, because another person cannot physically be your goals.

She is her and you are you. You will never physically look the same as this person because she is her and you are you. Don’t see how amazing it is? You are unique and you are extraordinary. The patterns of your stretch marks, the colour of your hair, even your fingerprints. You are one-of-a-kind. No one has the same smile as you, the same crinkle in your eyes, the same placement of dimples.

The next time you look in the mirror, don’t look at what you think you don’t have, or what you think you’re missing, instead look at what you do have. Look at yourself, internally and externally. Most importantly, do not feel threatened by other girls. Learn to love their best features instead of envying them.

If your soul is pure and your personality is kind, it will begin to show on the outside too. Spread love amongst your sisters, not hate and envy.

And remember, you are you, not her.

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