YouTube Continues To Restrict Holland’s Music Videos Due To Its LGBTQ+ Representation

Holland debuted on January 22nd as the first openly gay K-pop idol. After his first release Neverland, Holland became a role model to many fans of K-pop due to his music videos depicting diverse relationships within the LGBTQ+ community. Despite the support shown for the community by K-pop idols such as SHINee’s Jonghyun and Key, there has never been an idol who has represented the community while publicly being apart of it. Holland felt that “it was important to speak up for others through his music and platform as an idol, while also showing support to kids who may be experiencing negativity because of their identity.”

Recently, YouTube has been blocking minors from viewing Holland’s music videos, and on more than one occasion, Holland has questioned YouTube on why they felt it was necessary to make his music videos R-rated. YouTube has since then removed the ban for minors, calling it an error, but fans have rightfully questioned why this has happened to Holland’s videos twice now, especially since it should have been resolved the first time.

In the past, YouTube had filtered LGBT content as a part of the sites restricted mode, an option that blocked “potentially objectionable content.”  Even though YouTube has assured content creators and users of the site that they had fixed the problem, the issue of censoring creators is still unresolved.

It is essential for LGBT content to be shown on such a huge platform like YouTube, because people need that visual of someone who owns their identity and they need the reassurance from a real human being that everything will be okay. YouTube labeling gay love as “inappropriate” is incredibly homophobic and needs to change.

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