Now Reading: 20th-Century Fashion Trends That Haven’t Come Back Into Style, But Definitely Should: Women’s Edition


20th-Century Fashion Trends That Haven’t Come Back Into Style, But Definitely Should: Women’s Edition

December 10, 20185 min read

As they say, what goes around comes around, and fashion is no exception.  Throughout history, decades have created trends and swapped old ones, for better or worse.  Whether it be sons wearing their father’s old jean jackets or girls wearing their grandmother’s pearls, as history repeats itself, so does style. Today, the state of fashion looks a lot like the past ten decades all decided to throw a party and play strip poker, especially for women’s fashion, and it’s totally awesome.

But with all that mixing and matching, there are bound to be some looks and styles that slip through the cracks.  So, here are some women’s trends from the early part of the 20thcentury that haven’t quite come back into style but absolutely should!

1910s – Edwardian Shoes

Edwardian boots were the Nikes of the 1910s! Although the lifespan of this style shoe was short (about ten years), their design became unforgettable. In almost any movie or television show that takes place during this era, a woman is sure to be sporting a pair of these shoes! Edwardian boots would fit in great, with fashion right now, not only because they are they fairly functional footwear but also because they have a very sharp, monochromatic thing going on. The Kardashians would go crazy over these.  They’re very neutral and versatile, and they would complement so many types of outfits.

1920s – Cloche Hats

Cloche is the French word for “bell,” which is definitely befitting for this uniquely shaped hat! Cloche hats were an outfit staple during the roaring 20s, and for obvious reasons. They’re cute, they’re cool and they make a statement! These hats would look perfect in today’s fall and winter fashion. There are so many different ways to style them, and new designs to incorporate them in. And hey, while we’re at it, let’s bring the bob back too!

1930s – Gloves

Yes, we all have a pair of winter gloves for the cold weather and shoveling snow and blah blah blah, but where are the everyday gloves? I’ll tell you where: back in the 1930s where fashion left them! Why? I’ll never know. A pair of delicate silk gloves would make an outfit go from good to great. The women who wore this style looked so classic and feminine and sexy. I understand that technology has hindered the use of gloves over the past few years (I’m looking at you, smartphones!) but functionality aside, this trend deserves another day in the sun.

1940s – Pussycat Bows

In my opinion, this trend is greatly underutilized. Pussycat bows came into fashion, acting as a sort of tie, for women. The women who wore these bows believed in their power and their voice. Pussycat Bows should be represented just the same now, rather than as “secretary” fashion. They are elegant, beautiful and a standout piece on any garment.

1950s – Brooches

We’ve all seen our grandmothers wear them so why shouldn’t we? Brooches are such an exquisite addition to an outfit that you can get really expressive with! You can wear one, two or a whole cluster, and even make your own. Brooches were a staple accessory for women of the 1950s and definitely deserve a little more love now. Designers, get on it! Brooches are the new (old) big thing.

Women’s fashion has always been unpredictable, refreshing and honest.  May it be that way now and always.

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