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3 Broadway Musicals to Check Out If You Loved Hamilton

October 28, 20173 min read

Hamilton took the musical theater world by storm with its hip-hop rendition of history and colonial America. It gave dreamers and visionaries their rightful place in American History while also being highly entertaining.

Although there are hundreds of Broadway musicals, there are a few that hold the same charm as Hamilton. Many listeners of Hamilton may gain an interest in other Broadway musicals but might not know where to begin. That said, compiled below is a list of three musicals to check out if you loved Hamilton, all comprised of a promising story-line and striking soundtrack.

1. In The Heights

In The Heights, Official Broadway Poster

Before there was Hamilton, there was In the Heights. Both of these musicals were written by artist Lin-Manuel Miranda, and In the Heights is also based on a book by Quiara Alegria Hudes.

This production tells the story of multiple Hispanic-Americans living in the populated area of Washington Heights in New York City. The soundtrack is composed of upbeat yet complex tracks explaining the daily lives of those living “in the heights.”

In 2008 the show was nominated for a whopping 13 Tony awards, four of which included the awards for Best Musical and Best Musical Show Album.

2. Waitress

Waitress, Official Broadway Poster

Waitress, inspired by the film also titled Waitress, by Adrienne Shelly, gives a look into the life of the small town waitress, Jenna. The musical is centered around her life after she discovers she is pregnant. Stuck in an unhappy marriage, Jenna finds out about a baking contest in a nearby county and sees it as her one means of escape.

With a soundtrack written by artist Sara Bareilles, Waitress is full of fun and is definitely something to consider if you want a slice of broadway happiness. Known singer and Grammy winner Jason Mraz will also be making his way to Waitress in November of 2017 and will be playing Dr. Pomatter. The production will only be playing at the Brooke-Atkinsons theater for 10-weeks.

3. Allegiance

Allegiance, Official Broadway Poster

Starring and based on the life of actor George Takei, Allegiance tells the true story of a Japanese-American family following Executive Order 9066. It shows an in-depth view of how the Kimura family was forced to vacate their home and move to an internment camp during World War II.

Although the internment of Japanese-Americans was an important event in Americas history, many people do not know how it truly impacted the families of those effected. This is that story.

Allegiance combines a moving soundtrack with a powerful story to create a musical that everyone should see.

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