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5 Body-Posi Instagram Celebrities to Follow for Inspiration

June 29, 20174 min read

(Source: Mama Cax’s Tumblr)

With the first day of summer here, it’s time to start enjoying the weather, and hitting the beach or the pool. With advertising focusing on targeting people’s insecurities about their body, and trying to shame people that aren’t “beach body ready” it’s a great time to fill your Instagram feed with people that are loving their bodies and rocking out at the beach, just the way they are. All bodies are good bodies, and it’s great to have positive representation on your timeline!

  1. Naomi Watanabe

A Japanese celebrity, fashion designer, model, and internet icon, Naomi is reshaping body positivity in Japan. She’s creating fun, cute, and sexy clothes for plus size people, and changing the stigma that plus size women face. She’s happy and confident in her body, and her beach fashion is amazing. Everything about her is iconic, and seeing her on your timeline makes your day even better.

2. Mama Cax

After beating cancer at 14, and losing her leg, Mama Cax never stopped being a fighter. Her goal is to change people’s perception of beauty, and let everyone know they are supported and beautiful, just the way they are. She’s incredibly stylish, and her Insta is filled with artistic pictures, and lots of representation of her prosthetic leg, which is very cool to see.

3. Kelvin Davis

Kelvin Davis is fighting against hyper masculinity in society that pressures men to not be emotional, leading to poor mental health. He also fights against hyper masculine pressure about what men should look like, saying “How do you get a beach body?! It’s simple. Have a body then take yo ass to the beach!” His Insta is cheerful, and full of nice posts, and he just generally seems like such a nice person.

4. Danielle Brooks

She’s best known as Taystee on Orange is the New Black, but she’s an internet body posi powerhouse. She’s beautiful, fashionable, and a fantastic role model! Her posts are funny, and she’s just so stunning that every time she pops up on your timeline, she takes your breath away. She’s wonderful plus size representation, and she matters so much! Her beach fashion is also iconic.

5. Denise Bidot

She’s strong, fit, and an amazing body posi activist. She embraces her curves, loves her body, and tells everyone to love theirs too. Her Insta is so positive, that it makes you feel happier when you look at it. She’s a genuine person, and a great role model. She often posts pictures of herself working out, or simply soaking up the sun in whatever fashionable and cute bathing suit she has on. She’s adorable!


Spend your summer enjoying your body, and maybe following some people that are so body posi will help your on your self love journey. Take your cute beach selfies, and don’t worry if you think you don’t look Photoshop smooth. You’re beautiful and you only have one body, be healthy, but enjoy what you have, and enjoy the weather for summer 2017!



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