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5 Moments That Prove That The Shrek Movies Are The Best

July 28, 20173 min read

You know Shrek right? For those of you that are uninformed, he is the big green ogre that stars in the movie “Shrek” and its’ various sequels alongside his love interest Fiona, and his sidekick Donkey. Not so long ago, I decided to re-watch the first three ‘Shrek’ movies and realized that they’re actually pretty woke.

  1. “They judge me before they even know me.”

It’s the first movie, and Donkey gets Shrek to open up; Shrek explains that it’s not him who has a problem, it’s the world who has a problem with him; when they look at him, they get scared: “They judge me without even knowing me.”

2. “But I love Fiona more.”

In this moment, during the second movie, Shrek was willing to put all of his ogre habits and looks behind just so he could fit the expectations of the people in Far Far Away, including Fiona’s parents, and mainly to prove his love for Fiona. Later in the movie, everyone learns that true love means accepting one’s true self.

3. “Shall we?”

If you don’t recognize the phrase, it’s during the first movie, and it is what princess Fiona said after fighting off Robin Hood and his gang all by herself. This was truly a female empowering moment. Fiona has been feminist queen since day one.

4. “Excuse me, old lady coming through.”

This is my favorite scene in the third movie, it’s so iconic. The princesses, Fiona, her mom, Donkey and Puss in Boots are in prison, so Fiona encourages them to escape, to which Snow White responds, “Ladies, assume the position.” The princesses get into their positions so that someone comes and rescues them, implying that they need to wait for men to save them as they cannot do it themselves. Fiona is perplexed to see them do that, and Snow White argues that they’re just a bunch of princesses, freaks, ogre and old lady. Then, Fiona’s mom, the presumed old lady, gets everyone out of there by banging her head against the wall.

5. “Move it, go, go!”

The last scene comes right after the previous moment; it’s when all the ladies (and Donkey and Puss in Boots) join forces and break into the castle to save Shrek.

There are plenty more moments, but these are enough for you to realize that Shrek movies are the best because they’re funny, whole-hearted, promote self-acceptance and self-love, friendship, and female empowerment.

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