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5 Talented Social Media Users Deserving of Your Attention

July 9, 20175 min read

In light of the exposing of yet another ex-Magcon member, it’s easy to assume that every “internet celebrity” who is deemed attractive turns into garbage. However, with the help of a friend, I have compiled a list of five singers who use social media as the main platform with which to share their talent. These artists are smaller, and not as recognized as I believe they should be. As you read through this list, I hope that you are able to find your new favorite cover, song or even your new favorite artist.

Christian Akridge

While he is probably the most well-known artist on this list, Canadian-born Christian Akridge is still considered a less recognized singer. Like many others, his career started on Vine with not only six-second covers, but comedic content as well. From there he gathered a large following, and ever since he has begun to play live shows, and has written and released original music. Currently, he is seventeen years old and eager to begin performing again. You can find him on YouTube here.

Song recommendation: “Please Notice

Justice Carradine

I’ve just recently discovered him and his music, but I have to admit that I have probably listened to every one of his covers. Justice Carradine is a seventeen year old boy from Utah who, similar to Christian, joined Vine. From an early age, he started to upload short covers on there as well as YouTube. Now, along with YouTube, he posts covers to his Instagram and his Twitter accounts. His bubbly personality surely helps to enhance his covers, which can be seen in his other YouTube videos. I decided to include him in this list because I had not seen him or heard of him before until I found his cover of Redbone on Instagram. So go check him out, and show him some love!

Cover recommendation: “Feeling Whitney

Kiana Lede

Let me start this off by saying that this woman deserves to be on the radio ASAP. Social media is not the only platform she has taken on; Kiana Lede starred in the MTV series Scream as Zoe Vaughn. Through her covers and mash-ups that she posts on her YouTube channel, Kiana has gained a large following on social media, and recently she released an original song titled I Choose You. Her style has definite chill, R & B vibes that combine with fantastic lyrics to create a perfect cohesive sound.

Song recommendation: “I Choose You

Maggie Lindemann

I have to admit that at first I never really gave her music a chance, but after listening to her latest song Pretty Girl, I now know what she has the fanbase that she’s gained. This song reminds me of Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld because of the definite feminist theme. She takes the same idea of something a boy may commonly say to a girl, and turns it around into an empowering feminist anthem. The music video is very empowering also. Although Instagram may be her main choice of social media interaction, she has released a handful of original songs worth listening to.

Song recommendation: “Pretty Girl

William Singe

I do not know much about him, but my best friend is a huge fan of Alex Aiono, and William Singe gives off a lot of those same vibes. He does plenty of mash-ups which are mainly of chill, hip-hop or R&B songs. He also has an original song which was recently uploaded to his YouTube channel. I hope to look more into him and listen to more of his music, but I love what I’ve heard so far.

Song recommendation: “Rush

These artists are sure to fill the void in your heart that has been waiting to be filled. Give all of them a listen and let me know on Twitter if this article helped you discover your new favorite song! Look into them and appreciate all of the talent that they have to offer. Happy listening!

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