Now Reading: 5SOS Announce New Album ‘Youngblood’ and Fall Tour Dates


5SOS Announce New Album ‘Youngblood’ and Fall Tour Dates

April 11, 20182 min read

It’s no secret that pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer have been working on new music for a while now. After opening for One Direction in 2013 and 2014, headlining their first world tour, releasing two full length albums and touring again in 2016, the boys decided to take a much needed hiatus.

On that hiatus, they took time not only to relax and gather more experiences for their music, but to spend as much time writing as they could. With so much time off and opportunity for adventure, one could only hope that the music reflects that.

Today, Monday, April 9th, 5SOS announced on social media the title of their album as well as the artwork.

This announcement comes after the release of their first single ‘Want You Back’ in late February. Since then, they have released plenty of content for fans which has been long awaited. Following the single, a music video, an acoustic version and a remix have also been posted.

The second part of today’s news includes tour dates that will follow the album Youngblood‘s release on June 22. The first leg of this tour takes place in North America where they will start in Toronto in late August and end in Los Angeles in early October. We’re assuming that international dates will be shared with the fans shortly.

On their smaller, more intimate tour which started earlier this month, the guys have started to share unreleased songs that are said to be included in the album along with songs that are familiar. Many lyric videos have been posted to Youtube including those for ‘Lie to Me‘, ‘Young Blood‘, and ‘Valentine’ which they premiered recently.

Fans showed their reactions on Twitter earlier by trending #YOUNGBLOOD.

In anticipation for the new music, fans can pre-order the album this Thursday.

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