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8 Emotion-Filled Melodic Dubstep Songs that Will Suck You Into the Genre

October 24, 20185 min read

In a world where rap or pop songs usually land all of the trending spots on YouTube, other genres of music tend to get easily overlooked. Many have heard of EDM — especially from The Chainsmokers and Marshmello — and dubstep, but few have heard of melodic dubstep. As the name entails, it exists as a subcategory underneath dubstep, but fear not: It’s a more vanilla style than the jagged, unpredictable music most associate dubstep with. This genre is more soulful and less harsh-sounding, often featuring ethereal vocals and rich melodies. However, the famous drops and build-ups of electronic music are still there, so if you’re looking for something emotional but intensely stimulating, then you might find that this type of music is exactly your cup of tea. Here are some songs to give you a taste of what it’s like:

Seven Lions – Days to Come ft. Fiora

This song is a true slow-burn experience, cascading tingles everywhere from the layered music to the beautiful voice. Seven Lions is a master at transporting you to a beach, gazing at a sunset with sounds of ocean waves.

Said The Sky – Never Gone (feat. Kerli)

The beginning is an all-out sensational trip, sweet and powerful all at once. From there, it only goes up. The lyrics are utter poetry, painting a picture of luminescence and eternal presence. You might get an urge to change the entire world, and you definitely won’t be able to get the sound out of your head once you listen to this song.

Illenium – Afterlife (feat. ECHOS)

Only Illenium can make the concept of such morbidity sound so beautiful. Make sure to keep a box of tissues next to you when listening to this track, as well as your phone so you can bombard all your loved ones with heartfelt messages. This would turn even Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones into a sentimental, blubbering mess.

Seven Lions x Illenium x Said The Sky – Rush Over Me (feat. HALIENE)

Of course, I had to include this jaw-dropping, euphoric collab from all three artists. Must I say more? Much feels. So beauty.

Ether – Mountains (ft. Progley)

Oh, you thought I was done? Nope. This track is the epitome of melodic dubstep. Catchy, calming and cosmic in four minutes and seventeen seconds of absolute heaven, it will soothe your nerves on an agitated day and empower your soul.

Lights & Motion – Silver Lining

Contrary to the previous ones, this song has no lyrics and only a vocalist as accompaniment. The music speaks for itself. It starts off slow and quiet, building up throughout, adding an element each minute — an understated melody that crescendos, then a piano-reminiscent tune, then a rolling beat of bass drums. Do yourself a favor by clicking play and basking in its surreal glory.

Mr FijiWiji, Direct & Aruna – Time To Say Goodbye

Brace yourself to be inundated with a flood of memories if you’ve ever been separated or had to leave your significant other. Perhaps it’ll just remind you of your tragic fictional couples. Listen to this when it’s raining, when it’s windy, and let the rumination take over.


We all have those down days when your heart feels heavy and your feet are made of stone. In those times, not even your friends or your family can lift you up out of your sad stupor, and listening to bright music only serves to dim you even more. When those slumps occur, sometimes connecting with sad songs that translate those ineffable feelings can help you find peace. ‘Haunt’ is a somber, hauntingly beautiful track about the lowest state of the mind that will find its way into you when you feel lost.

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