A Letter To Humanity

April 19, 20171 min read

This is a poem is inspired by today’s society. The destruction we do to ourselves and each other is heartbreaking. We fight and kill each other as if we are nothing more than wild animals fighting for our own needs without having consideration for others. After reading this, I hope it opens your eyes and your heart. I hope you can take away from this and have consideration for the person that delivers your food, for the bus driver, and for every stranger you encounter in the street. Be noble, be humble, and be respectful.

Wars among countries,

among nations.

Innocent lives taken,

before the blink of an eye.

There is blood,

and there are broken tears.

There is hatred and among races,

inequality among genders.

There is phobia over who we love,

debate whether is right or wrong.

There is judgement in every movement.

Albeit when intentions are translucent.

There are impossible standards,

if you want to be beautiful, 

based on looks,

rather than intellect and soul. 

There is resentment amidst cultures,

Rather than appreciation for their structures. 

Lives are taken by another hand,

guided by hatred.

It spreads like a disease,

an illness in our hearts.

We allow it to consume us,

Rather than opening our hearts to acceptance.

We have been separated,

and we push and pull.

Healing and hurting,

but never ending.


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