Now Reading: A Review Of Tyne’s Heartfelt New Single “I’d Like That”


A Review Of Tyne’s Heartfelt New Single “I’d Like That”

February 8, 20183 min read

I first heard Cambridgeshire singer Tyne live when she opened for the band PVRIS last November. She told the crowd she was going to sing a new song, and I was enthralled by the magnetic pull in her voice and the song’s emotive lyrics.

I must admit, I had been waiting ever since that concert for her to release this song. Now that it’s here, I can definitely say it’s just as stunning as I remember. Her last single, “I’m Down,” was released in late 2017, but now she’s back with the new heartfelt ballad “I’d Like That.”

The song features a meaningful relationship between two people, in which one desperately wishes to support the other, represented in the lyrics “I will love you, until you love you” and “let me be the bones to hold your body up” that form the emotional chorus of the song. Through her lyrics and imagery, Tyne perfectly captures the desire to hold up and support someone you love, even if at times it is difficult to do so or they don’t want you to.

Tyne at a show in Birmingham. Courtesy of Gavin Smith.

Tyne carries the song with smooth and delicate vocals that reflect the emotion she pours into the lyrics. It is enhanced by the melancholic piano chords that provide the perfect instrumentation behind Tyne’s charming voice. As the steady beat kicks in for the chorus, it is undoubtedly the kind of song you want to turn your phone flashlight on for and sway to.

I’m also not the only person who has been waiting for this song to be released:

To which the singer responded with:

The song is certainly something new and different from the singer’s 2017 hit single “Girly” – the perfect bop to dance around with your friends to on a night out – but it’s a striking and definitely rewarding change in pace, and I, for one, cannot wait to hear what the rising star brings out next.

You can listen to the full song on Spotify now!

Featured Image Courtesy of Gavin Smith

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