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A SoundCloud Artist To Watch: Lil Lambo

April 27, 20174 min read

Meet Lil Lambo.

Lil Lambo is a recording artist from Prince George’s County, Maryland who is on a mission. The name was given by a close friend who said when Lambo records his voice is loud and distinct, comparable to an engine starting. In the spring of 2016, he dropped his first single SPEED. Unsure of what people would think the song got great feedback and he was encouraged to continue his work. He brings a new sound with his unorthodox voice. Lil Lambo’s goal is to bring a different sound to his area and the world. He wants to show everyone that music can be done by anyone who has the passion and truly believes in themselves.

Check out his newest single “DEREK FISHER” along with the rest of his music on SoundCloud. Be sure to follow Lil Lambo on Twitter also!

Let’s Get To Know Lil Lambo Better

What inspires you to write your music?

“Listening to music helps me write but usually all my songs are written based off however I’m feeling at the moment. Whether I’m depressed, high or even cranking in my house I like to write strictly off emotion. I want people to feel the energy that I’m displaying is in the music I create. My dreams of life, death and the future that is unknown also inspire me to write.”

Who is the biggest rap influence to the music you write?

“It’s hard to pick one but ASAP ROCKY, Chief keef and Yung Gleesh are my biggest influences when it comes to music. I relate to Rocky because he incorporates his music with fashion. He used his music platform to be become a business man and fashinato. That is one of the many things that I plan on doing when my career heads in the right direction. Listening to Keef & Gleesh is what really got me recording in the studio. In my honest opinion both of them have influenced a lot of hottest mainstream rappers today but neither of them are given enough credit.”

What makes you different from all the other rappers getting into the rap scene?

 “My passion, mentality and sound. I have no hate towards anyone and I’m willing to work with anyone. I love music as a whole and I’m eager to make music different types of artist. I’m not trying to sound like anyone in my area and no one sounds like me period. My beats are creative and distinct, I also add extra sounds in my music. For example, if you hear a car engine in the beginning of a track it’s me.”

What can we expect from you in the near future?

“I’m releasing a music video for my single DEREK FISHER next month. I have a couple shows booked with my group Pocket Rocket. Lastly my debut tape “THE FUTURE” is  almost complete and it’s dropping in June. My mixtape is going to be something that hopefully sticks with people for awhile.”

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