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A Summer Bucket List for Readers

July 13, 20183 min read

Summer is beginning, and if you’re anything like me, it comes with books.

In fact, most of us are so busy during the school year the only moment we really have the time to pick up a book is during the holidays. But, whether you’re used to reading at the beach or want to start doing so, finding a good book can be a challenge. That is why I have listed three books I have enjoyed the most throughout past summers.

  • Note to Self  by Connor Franta

This autobiographic book is quite different from the author’s previous one—A Work In Progress. In fact, in Note to Self, Connor Franta, a 25-years-old youtuber, tells his story in his own way, from his heartbreak to his depression by way of his experience as a gay teenager. What is special about the book are the beautiful poems and photos it offers, all made and taken by the author himself. Note to Self might be just what you need to relax after a year of school, and feel better during this summer.

  • Words in Deep Blue  by Cath Crowley

After her brother’s death, Rachel is a mess nobody seems to be able to fix. To escape her sorrow, she returns, in the summer, to the city she’s left in order to work in a bookshop owned by no other than her ex-crush—who never answered her love letter. This novel about old love coming back to life through a mutual love for literature carries a beautiful message: sometimes, all it takes to get through life are words, love and second chances. Cath Crowley takes you on a summer trip with amazing characters and lots of love.

  • Since You’ve Been Gone  by Morgan Matson

When Sloane disappears unexpectedly at the beginning of the summer, her best friend, Emily, is left alone and disoriented. The only thing left is a to-do list, hand-made by the girl she thought she would spend the summer with, that seems impossible to realize on her own. But when Emily realizes the way to bring Sloane back might be completing all these tasks, she gets started. This story, which takes place in the middle of the summer, will put you in the mood for adventures and give you ideas for the summer that’s to come.

These 3 novels are exactly what you need to get through the summer, whatever your tastes and habits are. So, next time you get to a beach or pool, forget your phone and grab a book.

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Charlotte Yung

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