May 23, 20171 min read

This came out at a time of great uncertainty, when I was feeling very anxious about my future and struggling to find direction. Being hit with the realization of all the time that had passed made me feel…stuck, or without a tether.
What is it like
To be adrift?
You’re reaching out and out and out,
And nothing comes.
Sometimes, it feels like Space.
Like if you close your eyes
You can imagine stars keeping you
Company. You are not alone.
But it’s not. You are.
It is  s o u l s u c k i n g.
It’s blinding.
You cannot see, just feel – a thick mass.
Molasses. Can you move?
Your screams go nowhere.
Your hands touch nothing.
You suck in breath after breath
And you can’t get enough.
It’s losing the feeling in
Every limb.
One. By. One.
You’re hurtling away
From everything you know,
Or you’re standing frozen,
Watching, screaming,
As it all flies through your fingers
Too quick to grasp.
And you cannot move.
What is it like to be adrift?
It’s like losing your mind.
It’s like losing your soul.
It’s like floating with your eyes
Wide open and
Seeing nothing.
There is nothing more
Than being lost.

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Haniyah Burney

Haniyah Burney is a Pakistani American Muslim girl living in Texas. She writes to refine her thoughts into action, and her greatest belief is in the invaluable nature of love and kindness. She enjoys lukewarm cups of tea and reading Jane Austen with a cat on her lap.

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