Now Reading: Flaming x Back Alley Swamp Slutz “H*e is Life” Is The Perfect Queer Anthem


Flaming x Back Alley Swamp Slutz “H*e is Life” Is The Perfect Queer Anthem

May 28, 20173 min read

Affinity’s Flaming is my aka Jesus Vice’s aka D’Press-Ons aka Darius Wilson’s music segment dedicated to spotlighting and premiering tracks from popping, underground queers across the spectrum.

I’m Jesus Vice, rapper, student, burlesque stage kitten, one half of Back Alley Swamp Slutz and thot, and I’d be damned if anyone else pops AF’s cherry. I figured there’d be no better way to kick this thing off than premiering “H*e is Life” , the lead single from Back Alley Swamp Slutz’s self-titled mixtape:

H*e is Life is the queer, thot anthem that 2017 needs. With my prepubescent twink voice and King of Pop Trash’s trade teas, the track, and really the whole mixtape, is giving different facets of MSM gender and sexuality expression.

King of Pop Trash’s recommended track:

If you already know what a Back Alley Swamp Slut is, you’re my kind of nasty, send nudes. If not, a B.A.S.S is a sexually liberated kunt-on-the-go in the hood that combats injustice. We’re punk. We’re queer. We’re black. We’re popping. King of Pop Trash and I formed B.A.S.S a year after booking a gig under the incredible TT the Artist during Baltimore Pride 2016. It was my first show ever, but I felt like the pussiest icon since Eartha Kitt, wearing googly-eyed cat pasties and flipping my invisible 42 inch Malaysian bundles. I was a hot mess. KOPT, on the other hand, was abrasive, punk and experienced. He even laid down on the stage for a bit while performing, truly next level.

**Stage Name: King of Pop Trash **Sexual Orientation: Queerfluid **Gender: Genderfluid, but man-presenting **Pronouns: he/they

Fast forward to Spring 2017, me and KOPT are making non-smothering, political bops in my Granny’s basement. We’re proud thots. “It’s our bodies and as long as we’re being safe, we’re not harming anybody”- KOPT. But moreover, there is so much stigma behind being young and sexual, black and sexual, and queer and sexual. Not feeling ashamed after sucking dick is almost revolutionary in itself.

Jesus Vice’s recommended track:

**Stage Name: Jesus Vice/ D’Press-Ons **Sexual Orientation: Homoflexible **Gender: Queer man **Pronouns: he/they or whatever turns you out

I’m not sure when or if Jesus Vice’s next solo project is dropping, but Back Alley Swamp Slutz’s self-titled mixtape is coming early Summer 2017 and King of Pop Trash’s “The Dark Side of the Rose” ep is coming late 2017.
If you’re a popping, queer musician and want to premiere a track here, hit me up: [email protected] or @SusVice on Twitter.

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