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An Intro into the Reading Slump and 4 Tips to Overcome It

January 30, 20184 min read

When a reading slump comes around, all people who love reading begin to hate it. It’s the point where all of your motivation to read new books at your usual hungry pace dissapears. You’ll be lucky if you can even get 20 pages of a book in your schedule. Unfortunately, every advant reader has been through a reading slump. It often comes in expectedly and can be hard to shake off. I’ve had my fair share of reading slumps but I’ve been successful in getting back my love of reading with these four tips:

1. Re-read an old favorite.

I’ve found that reading a book I love can help me return to the spirit of reading. My favorite book happens to be The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I have read this book at least five times because I enjoy it so much. Once you re-read a book you know you like, you will be motivated to read new books.

2. Browse a book store.

I find it exciting to go to a local bookstore and look around at all of the options to read. I like to see what books just came out and see what catches my eye. You can ask the staff what books they recommend. Sometimes I like to pick a book and sit down with it just to test it out. It gives you a feel for what the story is. A bookstore isn’t the only option, you can also go to your local public library.

3. Join/start a book club.

Book clubs are a reading playground. There’s something about being on a schedule that is motivating. It also helps to be able to discuss the book with other people who are reading it at the same pace as you. My favorite part about reading groups is that you don’t feel rushed to finish the book in a day. Maybe the book is set to be done in 3 weeks but that’s fine!

4. Try audio books

Sometimes it’s the actual sitting down to read part that gets me uninterested. I get distracted very easily so it can be hard to stay focused on the words and the story. Listening to an audio book can be helpful because you don’t always have to follow along with the actual book in your hand. It’s just like you are listening to a podcast or a video so it can be easier to retain the story. I did this with one of the Harry Potter books. I was so unmotivated to read the book because of the length. The audio made the book fly by and I could “read” while I was driving or walking.

I’ve found that the most important thing is to not get discouraged. No matter how long you’ve been in a slump, you’ll almost always find the way back to your old habits. Once you are an avid reader, you always will be.

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