Now Reading: Aqua Celebrates 25 Years Of Iconic Debut Album ‘Aquarium’ With Re-Issue


Aqua Celebrates 25 Years Of Iconic Debut Album ‘Aquarium’ With Re-Issue

September 29, 20223 min read

It’s hard to find a song that represents the late ’90s eurodance frenzy as well as “Barbie Girl” does. The smash hit managed to  travel beyond borders and establish itself as a one-of-a-kind sensation defined by its inescapable catchiness, its campy delivery and the contagious, unadulterated joy it exudes to this day. In spite of it being undeniably a product of its time, the track’s unforgettable music video managed to obtain 1 billion views on YouTube — a platform created 8 years after the release of “Barbie Girl” — back in February. Only 10 other singles from the ’90s decade have achieved this feat, making Aqua join a prestigious list led by acts such as Guns N’ Roses, Whitney Houston and Dr. Dre.

While “Barbie Girl,” the band’s official third single, was the push that the Danish group needed to reach unforeseen heights, Aqua managed to extend its success to debut album Aquarium, which became an instant international phenomenon. As of 2022, it is the third best selling album in Denmark’s history and it has sold over 17 million copies all over the world. While most of the record sticks with the bubbly, over-the-top attitude that defined their biggest hit — as seen in the electric “Doctor Jones” — it also has hints of romance, intimacy and softness in the nostalgic “Turn Back Time” and “Be a Man,” proving that their ability to create captivating pieces goes beyond a formula.

On September 9, 2022, Aqua exclusively re-released Aquarium digitally and on vinyl format via Universal Music Denmark. The latter has been pressed in white and pink colorways to accompany the band’s unmistakably bright aesthetic, and it comes along with a booklet that features photographs of the band in their heyday.

Courtesy of Aqua

The 25th anniversary re-issue of Aquarium contains the following tracklist:

01. Happy Boys & Girls
02. My Oh My
03. Barbie Girl
04. Good Morning Sunshine
05. Doctor Jones
06. Heat of the Night
07. Be a Man
08. Lollipop (Candyman)
09. Roses Are Red
10. Turn Back Time
11. Calling You
12. Didn’t I

After their 2016 reunion in which the quartet became a trio, Aqua has continued to headline and perform at live shows that continue to spread the extravagance, the excitement and the love that made their music and their brand a staple in pop culture.

You can now order the vinyl re-issue of Aquarium and listen to the album in all streaming platforms.

Featured Image Credit: Rasmus Luckmann/Aqua

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