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Artists that are set to make waves in 2019

December 29, 20187 min read

This year has been a pivotal one for music and with 2019 around the corner, it is about time to start thinking about some of the artists that are sure to break out next year. These artists aren’t just vocal powerhouses but they are also breaking boundaries and pushing themselves creatively. Without a doubt, these artists will be making some serious moves next year, so get to know them.

  1. Mae Muller

Mae is 100% one of my favourite artists right now because of her dulcet tones and empowering tracks that transcend across a variety of genres. Hailing from North London, the Pop singer dropped her debut EP After Hours and followed it up with another EP called Frankly this year. Both are full of tracks to play to feel super empowered and keep the fuckboys away.

Listen to ‘Jenny‘ or ‘Side Piece‘ if you want some feminist anthems. 

2. Pink Sweat$

Straight outta Philadelphia comes a singer who has penned several songs that we can all relate to. Pink Sweat$ draws upon personal experience when writing about love and as a result, he has seen tremendous success this year, despite not having the backing of a record label. He dropped his track ‘Honesty’ over the summer and it received a lot of attention, gaining over 8 million streams.

Perfect for fans of alternative RNB. Listen to ‘Honesty‘ and ‘Would You‘ if you are looking for some chill vibes.

3. The Bonfyre

The Bonfyre is a rising artist from Atlanta that has been recently signed to LA Reid’s newest record label HITCO. The R&B singer started out by posting covers on Youtube where she was discovered by acclaimed music producer Yancey Richardson. Since then she has released her debut EP Ready to Love which has been met with much praise from critics.

Listen to Keep me Waiting and On One for 90’s R&B vibes

4. Njomza

Some of you may know Njomza from the likes of Ariana Grande, Victoria Monet and Mac Miller’s social media feeds, but this 23-year-old beauty is a star in her own right and no stranger to the entertainment industry. From the age of 5, she began performing in talent shows and started a band called ‘Scarlett’ at 14, although she left aged 16 to pursue a solo career. Soon after, she began posting covers on Youtube where she was discovered by rapper Mac Miller who signed her to his label.

Njomza has a very unique sound and her music can be described as alternative pop, with some soul influnces.

Listen to her ‘Sad for You’ EP and debut album to see why so many artists have co-signed this talented singer.

5. Jimmie Allen

Can I get a hell yeah for all my fellow Black fans of Country music, because the struggle is real for us out here!

Country Music has often been hailed as a ‘strictly’ White genre despite the fact it is historically rooted in African-American musical influences such as Blues and Banjo. Furthermore, most of the genre’s most successful artists are White apart from the lucky few such as Charli Pryde, Darius Rucker and Mickey Guyton who have been able to break the mould.

However, 2018 saw the debut of breakout, Country singer Jimmie Allen whos track “Best Shot” captured the hearts of country music fans worldwide and took over the airwaves this Summer. Jimmie will be ending the year on a high, having been featured in Forbes, Billboard and making his debut at the Grand Ole Opry.

2019 is going to be his year, and I for one, am so here for it!

Listen to ‘Warrior‘ if you want a good cry

6. Tobi Lou

Tobi Lou is one of those artists that you just can’t put your finger on, he doesn’t really have a distinguished sound and he strongly disagrees with being called a ‘singer.’ His music is somewhat inducing and kind of reminds me of the sort of thing you would hear on an acid trip, it transcends across a bunch of genres and no song sounds the same as the last.

Fans of Adventure Time should listen to ‘Buff Baby

7. Dounia

Dounia embodies all that there is to praise about the Gen X teen, the 21-year-old is an activist, feminist and social media sensation. Boasting over 211K followers on Instagram, the star has built herself a loyal fanbase through her body positive posts and her “no fucks given attitude.

Since deciding to make a crossover into the music world, Dounia has been making splashes in the industry with her sultry voice and feminist anthems, all of which are a testament to her character and individuality as an artist.

If you are a fan of the likes of Nylo and Alina Baraz then you will love her debut album ‘The Avant-Garden

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