Now Reading: Azealia Banks’ New Single “Anna Wintour” Is Receiving Great Reviews


Azealia Banks’ New Single “Anna Wintour” Is Receiving Great Reviews

April 10, 20182 min read

Hip-Hop’s quintessential bad girl is reclaiming her time with the lead single to her highly anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed Fantasea Mixtape; Fantasea 2. After a brief hiatus from music, she returns to her tropical house roots with a funky Vogue beat, riddled with hot, intricate bars and poetic metaphors.

Named after the legendary editor-in-chief of the iconic Vogue Magazine, Azealia turns her attention to the sound which catapulted her into popularity in the first place. So far, the club anthem has received great reviews from previous Banks haters and she even seems to have a legitimate promotional team behind her this time.

She received great feedback for her previous buzz singles like the enchanting Escapades, and the gritty Chi-Chi; showcasing her infinite layers of versatility. Also the release of her soul freeing ‘Soda’ video heralds a change in emotional direction for the NY femcee.

In an intimate Instagram post about the song’s meaning she explains how the time period (2012) where she wrote Soda was an emotional low, being in a place of heartbroken loneliness, and addiction; she liberates herself from it all as she frolicks in the sunlight in the simplistic visual

In drastic contrast, Anna Wintour is about personal power, finding God within herself, and taking charge of her energetic abilities. Allowing herself to revamp her music with the powers she once used against herself to shoot into a new direction.

Fantasea 2: The Second Wave has been getting teased for months now, spawning thirsty comments from fans across the globe begging for tracks like the upcoming Treasure Island, Pyrex Princess, and more; there’s no word on when exactly the mixtape will be dropped but she says we can expect it before the end of the summer. Regardless; we’ll be waiting to see what she delivers, but in the meantime check out the lyric video for Anna Wintour below!

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