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Bea Miller: The Artist You Should Be Listening To

November 13, 20172 min read

Originally known from her The X Factor journey in 2012, Bea Miller still doesn’t seem to have the recognition she deserves. After releasing three EP’s this year named “Chapter One: Blue”, “Chapter Two: Red” and “Chapter Three: Yellow” plus playing a sold-out show in Los Angeles it’s time to let this girl into your radar.
Not only is she  an incredible singer and songwriter but the pop-rock artist also has a career as an actress, appearing in shows like “Unforgettable”, “Officer Down” and doing the voice of Molly in “Toy Story 3”. She has also opened for Demi Lovato’s “Demi World Tour” in 2014, Fifth Harmony’s “Reflection” in 2015 and Selena Gomez’s “Revival” Tour last year.
The concept of her latest work is divided into chapters and will culminate in a bigger project: A 12 track album that includes the three EP’s and three new tracks.


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Bea told Fuse: “Just because you’re feeling your Chapter One: Blue doesn’t mean your Chapter Two: Red isn’t gonna come eventually. In that same sense, you use the three primary colors to create any color in the spectrum, so I think that the album is gonna be called Spectrum.”



The reason why it’s divided into colors it’s because Miller has a type synesthesia that gives her the ability to see and feel colors when she listens to certain sounds. With each EP, she has put out a series of music videos in which you can see how she goes through the emotions that said EP’s represents: Sadness in Chapter One, anger in Chapter Two and positivity in Chapter Three.

It is speculated that the album will be out by December and the two music videos left (for the songs “S.L.U.T” and “to the grave” Ft. Mike Stud) during this month.

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