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Beach House Announces New Album Release Date, Drops New Track

March 13, 20183 min read

Indie pop icons Beach House have shared a new track, “Dive,” from their upcoming album 7, which is due for release on May 11. They have also released tour dates for North America and Europe.

The new track — which comes with a trippy, psychedelic, black-and-white music video directed by San Charoenchai — is the second of tracks to be shared off 7. The first track to be released, “Lemon Glow,” was released last month, also featuring an equally trippy music video.

Hazy and otherworldly, the first half of “Dive” sounds exactly like how an afternoon cruise on a comet through the center of the Milky Way galaxy might feel. It sounds like a more celebratory sequel to “Space Song” of 2015’s Depression Cherry — featuring much of the same quivering instruments and astral aura, but where “Space Song” was about “fall[ing] back into place,” “Dive” is exactly what’s written on the tin: a dive into the far reaches of a different world.

Victoria Legrand’s vocals and lyrics are as space-witchy as ever; her voice a disembodied, almost motherly-lullaby, guiding you through wispy guitars and fluttering synths — sounds which seemingly come from a different universe altogether — which serve as an ethereal, slow-burn introduction to the brighter, second half of the track.

The second half sounds like a plunge into the deep end of the pool, if that pool were made of stardust. A sudden outburst of jittery percussion, accompanied by electric guitars that all of a sudden come alive, and Legrand is no longer singing a lullaby; she’s singing a rousing cheer with almost anthemic quality.  We’re no longer cruising at the back of a comet — we just dove right into the core of a massive star going supernova.

Reminiscent of 2017’s “Star Roving” by Slowdive, and with a touch of modern indie rock sensibilities, “Dive” is a stellar, multilayered journey showcasing some of the best work by Beach House, a promising sneak peek at what seems like yet another incredible album from the critically-acclaimed duo. May 11, please come sooner.

The album cover for 7, Beach House’s upcoming new album. Courtesy of Bleach House Facebook page.

The announcement arrives on the heels of many other indie artists’ anticipated releases coming for the rest of 2018: a year which might just be shaping up to be some kind of indie rock renaissance. Some other upcoming releases this year include The Voidz, Editors, Of Montreal, Yo La Tengo, The Vaccines, The Garden, Jack White, Grimes, Gorillaz, My Bloody Valentine, Sky Ferreira, Iceage, and Vampire Weekend. Indie rock staples Arctic Monkeys and Interpol have also announced possible new albums coming this year.

Check out “Dive” on Spotify now.

Cover Image Courtesy of Beach House Facebook

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