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Billie Eilish Released a New Music Video and the Fans are Loving Every Second of It

January 25, 20204 min read

Last year, around November 14th, Billie Eilish released a single called “everything i wanted” and on January 24th this year, she released the music video for the song. The music video was directed by Billie herself and fans are moved and mesmerized by the music video. Also, as shown in Billie’s Instagram Story, the music video reached #1 trending on YouTube in around seven hours after its release.

The music video begins with a touching note from Billie that says: “Finneas is my brother and my best friend. No matter the circumstances, we always have and always will be there for each other.”. It continues with Billie driving a car with Finneas on the passenger seat. As they drove by, they passed the Golden Gate Bridge just in time as the song mentions the bridge. The sky around them brightens as Billie and Finneas arrive at the beach and as they near the ocean, Billie drives faster instead of hitting the breaks. The car plunges into the ocean and the siblings stay calm. They sink deeper into the ocean and as the second pre-chorus starts, Finneas overs his hand to Billie. She gladly takes it and they both share a smile. The video ends with the car sinks further away from the surface as the siblings keep holding each other hands.

This music video gets so many great reactions from the fans. I, personally, enjoyed the video so much. The visuals for this music video are simple yet so mesmerizing. It is a bit dark but the aesthetic and vibe match Billie perfectly. Billie also did an incredible job of making this video since it matches perfectly with this song. The song itself mentioned the Golden Gate Bridge in the first verse and in the music video, there’s a part where Billie and Finneas passed the bridge. The bridge is blurred in the video and it’s a great attention to detail since, as mentioned in the song, the bridge appears in her nightmare where she jumped off the bridge. Also, the part where the car starts to sink from the surface is timed perfectly with the second verse of the song where she mentioned that her head was underwater.

What makes this video so special to Billie and also moves the fans is the beautiful meaning behind it. Both the song and the music video is about Billie’s relationship with her older brother Finneas and Billie’s visualization for the music video captures it perfectly. Billie made her debut album: When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? with Finneas, her songs are produced by Finneas, she does many shows with Finneas on the stage with her and she goes on tour with Finneas. It is so clear that her relationship with Finneas is so strong and, as said on the note in the music video, they will always be there for each other. The song alone already did a great job of portraying their relationship and the music video is an incredible addition to it.

Featured Image via Billie Eilish’s Offical YouTube Channel

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