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BØRNS’ “Blue Madonna” Blew My Mind

January 22, 20184 min read

With his luscious locks and heavenly voice, Garrett Borns, commonly known as BØRNS, takes the music world by storm once again with his second studio album, Blue Madonna. In late July, he gave fans a taste of his sophomore album with his enchanting single, Faded Heart. From Faded Heart, came the release of three more singles including a tune that featured Lana Del Rey. Six months later, we are fully exposed to a bewitching realm created by BØRNS.

The album dawns with God Save Our Young Blood featuring Lana Del Rey. The first verse is:

Damn, look at the sunrise
Glowing finish line, made it in record time
Hey, baby, we made it
My head’s faded, headlights dilated

With his angelic voice and synthesized beats flowing through your ears, you enter an entire new galaxy made up of celestial tunes and divine lyrics. The album flows into a lullaby with Sweet Dreams, reminding us all how we all longed for someone to reach out and show they care, but they never did. After being serenaded by a sweet lullaby, the album takes a summery-cool vibe with songs such as We Don’t Care, Man, Iceberg, and Second Day of Summer. Although the album was released in January, listening to these songs will make you want to grab your favorite pair of shades and enjoy these tunes poolside.

The album takes a heartbreaking turn with I Don’t Want You BackBØRNS single-handedly declares himself as King of Falsettos with this bop. The chorus evokes heartache with lyrics such as:

I sleep better than every night you were lying next to me
Don’t wanna see your face, you need to face the facts
I don’t want you back
I don’t want you back

As painful as it may be to realize, sometimes the people we love the most are the ones who bring us down the most. This song sends out that message. The interlude of the album, Tension, is one that makes you want to put on your favorite dancing shoes and hit the clubs. With heavily synthesized beats, the groovy tune sends electric vibes to your soul.

Although each song on the album captivated my soul, one song left me utterly moonstruck… Supernatural. The spellbinding lyrics, the ethereal melody, and the ravishing rhythm sends fairy dust from your ear canals to your veins. When listening to this thrilling tune, you are bound to feel the way BØRNS feels in this song — like you are caught under a spell. This song is truly like no other. 

Lana Del Rey returns on the song, Blue Madonna, and makes the song wholesome with her gracious vocals, repeating the words:

Blue Madonna in my head now
Blue Madonna in my bed now
Blue Madonna cherry red now

The album closes out with a beautiful ballad titled, Bye-bye Darling, the saddest yet most gracious song on the album. Each piano chord strikes a tear in your heart as BØRNS sings his goodbyes. This song stimulates feelings of happiness, heartache, and hopelessness all at once. 

With the power of 12 beautifully written and performed songs, BØRNS is able to take you to an entire new galaxy that is decorated in roses and doves. From his debut album, Dopamine, it is evident that BØRNS grew as an artist. I am looking forward to all of the other ways BØRNS, his music, and his style will continue to grow. 

You can purchase Blue Madonna on BØRNS’ website:

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