• April 10, 2017By Esther Adebayo

    Okay, guys, who else is excited to see the 90s making a comeback? I know I am. With checkers, mom jeans, denim jackets, crop tops and the iconic leather jacket all making their long awaited comebacks, keep on reading and I’ll tell you what should stay in the 90s and what else should come back. … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/90s-fashion-comeback/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • March 22, 2017By Evelyn Atieno

    Just like everyone else, I love creating and sharing memes. I do it for fun, but now Gucci has turned it into an actual job. Gucci designer Alessandro Michele has enlisted the help of memes to promote their latest collection of watches. Yes, Gucci hired meme creators to create memes for their watches. The meme creators … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/gucci-hired-meme-creators-to-create-memes-for-their-new-campaign/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • March 21, 2017By Meg Compton

    Growing up as a Plus size girl, fashion was never really my friend. I had to stick to what covered and hid my body. Recently I have discovered that Plus size is OK, thanks to all the inspirational people who have lived it up plus size style (big shout out to the Buzzfeed women, they … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/10-styles-that-have-made-me-embrace-fashion/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read