• October 10, 2019By Helen Ehrlich

    Emily Rice is a musician who has composed music for numerous films and feature TV shows. I got the chance to interview Emily to discuss her process, how she differentiates genres when making music, and her upcoming work on the Netflix show, “The I-Land.” How did you transition from playing music professionally to composing it? … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/an-interview-with-musician-emily-rice-composing-for-netflixs-i-land-and-numerous-other-blockbusters/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • September 17, 2019By none

    16 year old pop singer-songwriter Alli Haber is making waves in the music industry with her new single, “Alive”. In the short span of a year that she has been making music, Alli Haber has toured with the Boys of Summer two years in a row and has been nominated for New Act of the … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/interview-with-alli-haber-on-new-single-alive-and-never-being-too-young-to-chase-your-dreams/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • September 15, 2019By Esme Marfo

    Annapurna Interactive recently released Telling Lies, an investigative thriller video game that delves into private conversations of four individuals. At the beginning of the game, the lives of the four are a complete mystery, yet by the end, players will have uncovered a bed of lies and will know the intimate details of the characters’ lives. … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/interview-bafta-breakthrough-brit-nainita-desai-scores-narrative-video-game-telling-lies/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • September 10, 2019By Helen Ehrlich

    Erin Bowman is a singer and songwriter who will be releasing her debut EP on November 1st, 2019. Erin has been making music about finding freedom and fighting for love for years, as well as making songs for TV shows and jingles! I got the chance to catch up with Erin about what her latest … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/an-interview-with-musician-erin-bowman-new-music-tv-love-coming-out-of-the-darkness/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • August 25, 2019By Meredith Bushman

    With the release of her newest single, ‘Broken is Beautiful’, singer/songwriter Anna Rose shares with her audience a more personal struggle she has been facing over the past few years. The fourth single released from her upcoming album, The Light Between, is inspired by Rose’s battle with Lymes disease as an artist. During a phone … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/anna-rose-discusses-new-single-broken-is-beautiful/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • August 13, 2019By Lily Waywell

    Editor’s Note: Article has been edited for length and clarity! At only 23, up-and-coming artist Elijah Boothe has already worked his way into three creative industries: film, fashion and music. Boothe was most recently featured in Lapalme Magazine and R.LEGACY Magazine, in which he was noted as a “Rising Young Hollywood” star to watch. He … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/an-interview-with-up-and-coming-actor-musician-and-model-elijah-boothe/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • August 11, 2019By Aly Balakareva

    Independently-created Kissing Walls is a web series, which centres around two queer characters of colour.  Created by Chicago-based filmmaker Zak Payne, it is a show that features an intimate and unique perspective on romance, friendship and life from the eyes of Cameron (Zak Payne) and James (Nathaniel Tenenbaum). Following the release of Season Two on OTV, Payne … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/creators-of-web-series-kissing-walls-talk-about-the-creative-process-meaning-of-the-show-and-personal-experiences/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • August 9, 2019By Esme Marfo

    Amazon’s latest documentary series titled Free Meek follows Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill’s ongoing battle for freedom. Executive produced by Jay-Z, the chilling yet captivating docuseries details Meek’s legal struggles, from when he was first arrested in 2007 to present time where he is still fighting to be exonerated from the initial charges that haunt him 12 years … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/interview-musicians-roahn-hylton-and-jacob-yoffee-detail-creative-process-in-scoring-free-meek/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • August 7, 2019By Helen Ehrlich

    chloe mk is a bright young star forging a new musical path. She got her big break when she won the thirteenth season of the hit singing competition show “The Voice.” chloe mk makes music that is different and defiant. She sings about life, and love, and loneliness. I got to discuss the process and … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/an-interview-with-internet-pop-star-chloe-mk-bringing-the-fantasy-ep-to-life/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • July 29, 2019By Ron Rocky Coloma

    Pansexual artist Madison Malone recently released new visuals for “Quiet Down.” Produced by Justin Glasco (Ron Pope, Christina Perri, The Lone Bellow), mixed by Bryan Cook (U2, OneRepublic, Radiohead) and mastered by Grammy-award winning, Hans DeKline (Diplo, Pixies), the track endeavored to paint a canvas of optimism and the various depictions of love across the … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/grammy-award-winning-produced-artist-madison-malone-depicts-universal-love-in-new-visuals-of-quiet-down/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • July 25, 2019By Ron Rocky Coloma

    Recording artist and plus-sized model Gabby Fe has recently released her newest single, “Better.” Fe is known for creating and performing pop-soul tunes, such as her first song, “Prioritize.” On top of that, she’s also amassed over 23,000 followers on Instagram and helped raise money and awareness to end human trafficking. We got the chance … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/recording-artist-and-plus-sized-model-gabby-fe-encourages-others-to-serve-with-their-talents/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • July 23, 2019By Helen Ehrlich

    Benee is a rising indie star from New Zealand, who has been dropping hit after hit over the past year. Benee has dropped her first EP, signed with major label Republic Records, and has been touring in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. I got to talk with Benne to learn more about her … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/an-interview-with-new-zealand-indie-star-benee-about-her-debut-ep-fire-on-marzz/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read