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Chase Atlantic Takes A Violet Trip with New Album “Phases”

July 3, 20192 min read

Australia’s saddest rockstar trio dropped their new sophomore (second) album “Phases” on June 28, 2019. The 12-song release features their alternative combination of pop-rock, autotune, trap and saxophone as the background to songs about relationships, overthinking, depression and drug use.

While not incredibly different in terms of subject matter, the sound of this LP is decidedly different in comparison to their earlier music and points towards an evolution the group is undertaking. In this LP,  some of the tracks like “I NEVER EXISTED” have a uniquely 80’s sound while discussing problems that very much belong in 2019.

Similar to most of their music, the underlying current of most of the songs is to just keep moving along with life. For example, the track “TOO LATE” is explicitly about stealing someone’s girlfriend, while “HER” is about a woman who seems to fit the stereotype of an “Instagram baddie” who loves luxury brands and could care less about catering to the men chasing after her.

While these two situations are very different and one of them could be very emotionally charged, the lead Mitchel sings about them in the same accented monotone for the majority of both songs. Their treatment of the subject matter is laid back, and almost appears to be mimicking being high. Any change in tone in the other songs seems to be to accommodate changes in pace, not necessarily evoke emotion, and this approach really works well throughout.

To sum it all up, this album is creative and unexpected but still retains the style that makes Chase Atlantic unique, and will likely build on the success of their 2019 EP “DON’T TRY THIS”.

When listening to this, you will see that the relative flatness of the vocals and busy instrumentals in combination with the album art and visuals make the entire album seem like a purple haze.

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Featured Image Credit: @chaseatlantic

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