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Chelsea Cutler & Alexander 23 Collab on Hit “Lucky”

November 10, 20194 min read

Chelsea Cutler is a wildly popular artist paving a bold path through the music industry with her emotional, yet lofi-fueled songs. Alexander 23 is an artist known for his similarly emotional and trailblazing music. They both have big and recent news, as Chelsea announced the commencement of her “How To Be Human” tour, while Alexander 23 recently dropped an entire album, “I’m Sorry I Love you.” The two have now teamed up to create “Lucky.” 

“Lucky” begins with Chelsea Cutler singing, “How lucky am I?” before a single guitar strum is introduced. She then repeats the lyric with a slight run to “I” as the strumming remains constant. She elaborates, singing, “To love somebody, to love somebody/How lucky am I, how lucky am I, yeah/To love somebody, to love somebody like.” 

Chelsea expertly connects the next verse with the word “you,” finishing the previous statement. Snapping is introduced into the background, occurring on the guitar strum’s offbeats. She slightly raps, “You are the voice in my head, something I cannot forget/Your word is gospel and I want you/Moving at the speed of light, two wrongs can still make a right/If you believe it and I want to.”

The chorus repeats and Alex 23 begins to sing. He croons, “Sometimes, I wish you would’ve stayed in my dreams,” His voice is slightly layered over itself as he continues, “ ‘Cause now that you’re real, now I could lose you/Nothing lasts forever ain’t as bad as it seems/’Cause my favorite thing to do is to do nothing with you.”

The chorus and post-chrous then commence, offering a more dramatic and varying sound to the piece as their vocals take on a greater but compatible range. Chelsea and Alexander 23 sing, “How lucky am I, how lucky am I, yeah/To love somebody, to love somebody/How lucky am I, how lucky am I, yeah/To love somebody, to love somebody like…To love somebody, to love somebody/(How lucky am I, yeah)/To love somebody, to love somebody.”

They conclude the song by singing, “It’s not every day you could hear me say, you could hear me/I love somebody, I love somebody/It’s not every day you could hear me say, you could hear me/I love somebody, I love somebody, yeah.”

Chelsea Cutler explained that this song is about being thankful. In the video that accompanies the song, she expresses her gratitde for her parents and management by buying them gifts (even  buying her parents their dream car). The song itself seems to be lucky too, as it is already her best performing song – reaching over 1 million streams on Spotify in under just four days. “Lucky” is a lighthearted and lovely, it is completely and totally simple and sweet.


You can stream “Lucky” everywhere now.


Feature image courtesy of Chelsea’s team at Republic Records

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