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Chloé Caroline Dishes On Her New Music Video For “Messy”

August 5, 20198 min read

Chloé Caroline, a talented singer-songwriter working in Nashville and Los Angeles, recently released the music video for her new song titled “Messy”. The “Messy” music video is truly a work of art and a testament to Chloé’s artistic vision: the uniquely-shaped and colored video depicts her days working at a car wash and facing the daily grind. You can watch the video for yourself below:

Chloé is actually headed to Thailand to further her adventure in the music industry, so it was a privilege to get to chat to her amidst her busy schedule about “Messy” and her future ventures!

Congrats on “Messy”! The song seems to be well-received so far. What made you want to write/release it?

Honestly because it made a bit of a statement and was different than anything I had ever released. I felt like the message was positive yet really honest and real in the storytelling. I took some risks using the spoken wordy verse too and liked that it was out of my comfort zone originally. I wanted it to be the song where people could kinda get where I’m headed and the deeper meaning I want behind my music. 

The music video for “Messy” has quite a unique and interesting style. How did you – and director Mary Omel – come up with the old film-esque shots that make up majority of the video?

Thank you! This was such a fun one because my dad and I actually spontaneously came up with the car wash idea the day before. It was super go with the flow which adds to the rawness of the vid and I wanted to capture that. With hints of old school vibes in the production it just seemed fitting to go with the theme of the song. Back in the old days you couldn’t filter out the BS.

Is “Messy” the precedent of any new music? 

Yes! SO much new music. I have the rest of the record to release (so more singles ASAP!) and then just finished recording another EP in Thailand. Hope ya all like music. ?

If so, what can you tell us about it?

I recorded an album of songs with producers Joseph Magee and Jamie Houston that I worked really hard on the past two years. They encompass my stories and the little influences that made me “ME” throughout.  Then there’s the next set of songs I just recorded in Thailand, they are top secret right now but some of the best songs I’ve ever gotten to be a part of. I co-produced a batch of them and so they really have my identity throughout.

For all the Affinity readers that are intrigued by your artistry but want to know more, what can you say about your style of music?

I like to call it a New Southern California pop sound. It’s authentic to me, honest/vulnerable, and might even spark a little nostalgia at times but more than anything I hope it’s fresh. I’m always trying to mix and match what I like from the past and present to create something that everyone can feel something from and can relate to. There’s soul in it, funk, pop, and organic elements. It’s just a super intentional vibe.

The past year sounds like it’s been really positively busy for you! You acted in “Love Of Course”, as well as creating the film’s soundtrack. Have you always been drawn to acting? 

Yes, so positive! What an incredible opportunity. I feel so lucky to have been a part of the film both as an actress and musician. I love writing for film and TV and grew up around that world so have always been fascinated with the impact a song has when its paired with a scene. To get to actually be acting in that scene is something I never thought I’d love until I did it. I loved it.

Is writing the soundtrack of a film very different than writing a track on an album or an EP?

It varies. The songs in “Love, of Course” were actually a mix of songs from my first EP ever that I thought would never see the light of day again and a couple of newer demos I had never released. It was surprising and cool that they fit exactly what they were looking for in the film. However, I wrote a song for the end title of the Lionsgate movie “The Great Gilly Hopkins” and I was given a super-specific prompt about coming home, therefore the song is called “Ready to Come Home”. HA, a lot of times songs for sync need to be very broad and hit a major theme (home, moving on, feel-good, etc.) and often times have various differentiating sections to the song that can be used multiple places.

How did the opportunity for you to create music in Thailand come about?

Someone who had discovered my music in UK reached out to me via social media and we hit it off. He had a close friend in Thailand who owns a big recording compound there and they offered to record an EP with me there.

Between all of your recent successes, you must have a way of cooling off. Can you share your favorite way/s to de-stress?

I love to be outside. I’m such a California sun baby. My favorite way to destress is a long hike or beach walk. I need fresh air and to be active to stay sane and usually end up getting inspired. I also love experimenting in the kitchen!

What’s the best thing about your life right now?

I’ve been spending more time in LA again and it’s great to be home

Chocolate or vanilla?


Do you have any songwriting tips for all the budding songwriters that may be reading this interview right now?

Do it every day. Write with people that are better than you, people that are different than you, and don’t ever stop writing alone! That’s where all the greatest self-exploration begins and ends.

You can find Chloé on Instagram and Twitter.

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