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Creativity at its Finest! A Review of Little Mix’s “Break Up Song” Music Video

May 17, 20205 min read

At the end of March this year, Little Mix released a new song called “Break Up Song.” The creativity during the release of “Break Up Song” was amazing. Few days before the title announcement, Little Mix launched an Instagram filter called “Which LM song?” and the girls hid “Break Up Song” in their filter. Some fans found it and the excitement escalated. Yet their creativity does not stop there. On May 8th, the girls finally release the music video for this song and their creativity is off the roof.

Initially, the girls of Little Mix have alredy prepared a concept for this music video. Unfortunately, because of Covid-19, the girls have to cancel the official video shoot. As proven, the cancelation did not stop the girls from releasing the music video. Stated on their Instagram and Twitter, the girls had to get creative without changing the original concept.

Since the release of the song, “Break Up Song” has an 80’s vibes and the music video does too. In the music video, the girls act as news anchors in their own TV channel called “LMTV.” Each girl has their section: “Leigh-Anne’s Break Up News”, “Weather with Jesy”, “Perrie’s Morning Motivator” and “Jade’s Daytime Destiny”. Each section never strays away from the 80’s vibe with the popping colors that are a great match to the song’s fun beats. As stated before, the girls had to get creative because of the current situation of Covid-19 and it is proven right.

Instead of live-action, they use felt stop-motions! From the props to even the girls themselves. Even though everything’s by felt, the girls still give a flawless live-action on the chorus. Each of the girls recorded themselves from their houses with matching glittery purple backgrounds. They also look stunning with their 80’s outfits, make-up and hair-do. Jesy looks stunning with her hot pink colored dress, Perrie’s rocking her black leather jumpsuit, Leigh-Anne owning the leopard patterned outfit and Jade looks amazing with her simple and playful all denim outfit.

Other than their creative music video, their interaction with their fans is also incredible. Other than giving the fans an Instagram filter, the girls are also active in making challenges. First, they make a dance challenge using “Break Up Song.” The girls gave a mini choreography that’s also featured in the music video. Another challenge was an 80’s make-up challenge that has incredibly stunning results from the fans. Both of those interactions with their fans have great success and such a proof that they care about their fans and vice versa.

Also, it seems to be clear that Little Mix’s new era will have an 80’s vibe. The girls’ previous single “Bounce Back” also seem to have a similar 80’s vibe. The song “Bounce Back” has similar fun beats like “Break Up Song.” The music video also has the same colorful and playful vibes as the music video for “Break Up Song.”

Even with the current situation that makes the girls and their team stay at home, they did such a fantastic job of making the music video for “Break Up Song.” Little Mix and their team’s creativity is the highlight of it all. Their bravery to make such an out-of-the-box looking music video also deserve an award. The girls’ action is such an inspiring thing for musicians to keep creating fantastic music videos without having to risk their health by gathering with their crew. Go watch the music video and remember to stay healthy!

Featured image via Little Mix’s official Twitter.

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