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Deante’ Hitchcock: An Abnormally Talented MC To Look Out For

August 17, 20177 min read

The new generation of rap is full of mumble rappers (nothing wrong with that though), it just means hip-hop is growing. However, it is still nice to hear talented lyricists who keep it real with who they are. Deante’ Hitchcock is exactly that. He has been killing it every time he gets on a track. He currently has two released projects but for the most part, has gained popularity from his freestyles on Twitter. He is a real voice in the hip-hop scene right now and deserves the recognition.

Being a rapper from Atlanta is no easy task. Atlanta has a unique sound that artists have to keep up with:

You have to have some sort of personality coming out to this city…You can’t be bland coming out of Atlanta. Purists can hate on rappers like Young Thug all they want, but him and his flow stand out. That’s what I’m going to do myself, standout.”

— Deante’

Riverdale (where he is from) is often regarded as a dangerous city: “It ain’t as crazy as it was when I was growing up. It’s not as bad as some people think. People know the area from folks like Waka Flocka Flame and Trinidad James coming out. Even T.I. was over there for a while. But it’s different things to different people.” says Deante’. 

Hitchcock releases freestyles on Twitter frequently. He has an ability to tell a story while simultaneously throwing punch lines, making incredible similes seem effortless. Sway is always looking for a real MC to get on the mic; well here he is. Deante’ has been working on his craft since at least 2013 and is very soon to be greeted with big scale fame. He is one of those artists that can’t be defeated; his pursuits are destined for greatness.


He has two released projects for download: “GOOD” and “Just a sample.” Both projects are recent, being released in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Deante’ is ready to turn up: two projects within a little less than two years is crazy work. Deante’s confidence and work ethic will pay off; he plans to release yet another project in the future. 

I was able to reach Deante’ Hitchcock for a couple questions:

How long have you been rapping for?

DH: I’ve been rapping since I was 12 years old. My uncle used to do music back in the day, he definitely got me into it.

Do you ever write anything not meant for recording and just for fun/practice?

DH: I write a lot of stuff that I probably won’t ever record. I don’t think I ever really start off with the intention of not using it but by the end of some of it, I’ll be like “this may be better for someone else” and I’ll sell the song or the verse. I also might save it for an interview verse, or something like that. It just depends, because you never really know with music/art: the process is flexible.

Do you like freestyle rapping or rapping for records better?

DH: I really do love making songs. But I also love the freestyling sh*t (and everybody else loves it too). It’s so easy to just press play on a video of someone rapping over a song you already like versus having to click to a whole other site to listen to someone you haven’t heard of over a beat you haven’t heard either. I love both of them though, for real.

Are there any records you’ve put together that made you feel vulnerable?

DH: I think all of my tracks require some vulnerability. I be letting folks in my head. Some days I don’t even let myself in my head so it’s crazy. The last two tracks I put out my be some of the most vulnerable records I ever put out, though. As I’m getting older and getting better at songwriting and sh*t, it’s been getting a lot easier to bring them emotions to life.

How do you feel about the Nazis in America?

DH: As far as the “alt right” and neo-nazis, they been here for a long time. They just been quiet cause folks use to look at you sideways for being racist. Now they got a figurehead and they have confidence: they see it’s a lot more of them than they thought and they feel safe in numbers. They got friends now. It’s weird. But we ain’t our grandparents and great grandparents; touch me on some “alt right” sh*t we cracking nig*as.

Next big project?

DH: I actually have two of them on the way. “BETTER” is definitely the main focus though. It’s the second tape in this, “Good, Better, Best.” trilogy thing we’re working on. The first tape we drop definitely gon’ set “BETTER” up to be everywhere though. We got a lot of surprises up our sleeve bruh.


It’s important to acknowledge true talent as well as give it praise. Jump on the Deante’ team early because soon you’ll look like a bandwagoner (and you definitely don’t want that). This guy is something special and brings an Atlanta influence that the hip-hop game has been missing. Keep doing your thing Deante!

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