Now Reading: Donald Trump Claims the Paralympics Were “A Little Tough To Watch”


Donald Trump Claims the Paralympics Were “A Little Tough To Watch”

May 1, 20182 min read

The President of the United States has done it again.

This is obviously not the first time Donald Trump has said something outrageous, but for whatever reason, I wanted to have hope that he will grow as a person and learn to think before he speaks. I was wrong.

While giving a speech during an event with Team USA Olympians and Paralympians, Trump uttered the words, “…it’s [the Paralympics] a little tough to watch too much, but I watched as much as I could.” He then went on to talk about how the athletes “displayed just incredible strength,” while representing the USA.

There are many things wrong with Trump’s statement, one being that it was just disrespectful.

Watching athletes with disabilities should be no different than watching athletes without disabilities. The action of doing such should not make him uncomfortable, nor should he feel forced to sit through watching people different than him compete.

Interestingly enough, this situation parallels to when Trump mocked a reporter with a disability in 2015 during his campaign trail.

You would think that since he received countless backlash from that he would know not to repeat himself. I guess not.

What Trump said was not only immature, but a backhanded compliment. Those athletes have been training for years and years, competing at many competitions around the world, and on top of that are able to be apart of Team USA, and the comments, or “compliments,” they received from Trump were merely an insult.

On the other hand, some people are saying that Trump was referring to his busy schedule when talking about watching the events. This conclusion makes sense, but over the past few years, Trump has said many offensive things about Rosie O’Donnell, Hillary Clinton and many other people/things, so it isn’t likely.

Will Trump ever learn to choose his words carefully, or will he never have a filter?

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