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Egyptian Vibes with Indian Heritage: Here is Tarun Tahiliani’s India by The Nile Collection

April 11, 20195 min read

Tarun Tahiliani is no unfamiliar name in the Indian fashion industry. Tahiliani’s ability to infuse traditional Indian concepts and European tailored silhouettes into his collection had definitely gained him international recognition. This year, Tarun Tahiliani’s latest India by The Nile collection would definitely give you some Egyptian vibes with a fair mix of Indian heritage topped off with some amazing color palettes. The pieces in his collection cater the need of women who want some richness to their attire and at the same time have a willingness to stand out from the crowd. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the pieces in this collection.


In The India by The Nile collection, the traditional saree has been recreated into various styles without losing its natural charm and heritage value. A common sight in this collection is the pre-drape sarees, which has more than one way to drape, allowing someone who’s never draped a saree before to easily wear one. In short, pre-draped sarees enable wearers to look effortlessly elegant.

The embroidery work and the embellishments in each of the saree pieces are the real showstoppers. Who could imagine sarees could be sophisticated and grand at the same time? Comfort is the next best thing in this saree lineup. It’s mostly curated with super comfy materials such as georgette, jersey and lace.

Image Credit: Tarun Tahiliani’s Official Website


Get ready for some heavy embroidery because each of the lehenga pieces in this collection would leave you spellbound with the just the right amount of bling. Each of the blouses has its own uniqueness embedded within them. From the likes of off shouldered blouses to peplum blouses, this collection of lehengas are really amazing and worth the buy. The color palettes for the lehengas are really good choices; ivory and bold hues are timeless colors that could always find their place in every generation. Pair these lehengas with few elegant jewelry pieces and voila, you’re good to go!

Image Credit: Tarun Tahiliani’s Official Website

Kurtis, Kurtas and Anarkalis

Kurtis and anarkalis have evolved over time. A kurti is a top which ends at hip or waist length, a kurta is a top which ends at knee or calf length and an anarkali is long frock style top. All these are paired with matching pants called the salwar and a shawl called the dupatta. Well, with the increasing trend of wearing heavily embroidered kurtis, kurtas and anarkalis for events, the latest evolution of these pieces are far more comfortable and tailored with breathable materials such as soft lace and georgette silk. That goes the same for Tarun Tahiliani’s latest lineup of the pieces. Each piece in the collection has a touch of modernity to them and they just seem perfect for any occasion.

Image Credit: Tarun Tahiliani’s Official Website


Attention, all party goers! This collection of dresses would be the perfect go-to for your next girls-night-out. The drapes on the dresses look absolutely gorgeous and tailored to absolute perfection. Subtle hues make the cut for these dresses as they give the dresses some extra flair without going extremely overboard.

Image Credit: Tarun Tahiliani’s Official Website

In a nutshell, Tarun Tahiliani’s latest India by The Nile collection is a really good eye-opener to the versatility of statement pieces such as dresses, sarees and lehengas. This literally proves that breaking boundaries and stereotypes could lead to even greater success. I can’t wait to see more of Tarun Tahiliani’s future collections in the years to come.

Featured image credit: Tarun Tahiliani’s Instagram page

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