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Fanboys, Ghosts and Halloween: A Review of “Supernatural” Season 14 Episode 4

November 3, 20186 min read

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers from Supernatural’s Season 14 Episode 4.

This Halloween themed episode, that gives a nostalgic feeling to the earliest seasons of Supernatural, started with an employee from a comic shop called Stuart (Kurt Ostlund). He happens to be attacked by an action figure that he owned and it resulted in a case for the Winchester brothers. After the intro, Dean is doing a horror movie marathon considering that the day in this episode is Halloween. He’s watching his favorite horror show that includes his favorite character, the Hatchet Man. Sam then interrupts Dean’s marathon by telling him about a case. Dean wasn’t interested at first but he then agrees to take the case after knowing that his other favorite character is the suspect of the case.

The boys then visit Stuart’s house but yet they can’t find him there so they visit the comic shop instead. Samantha (Genevieve Buechner) and Dirk (Aaron Paul Stewart) greets the boys and Samantha said that Stuart lives with his mom after he got kicked out. The brothers visited Stuart’s mom’s house and find out that Stuart is lying about the attack. The boys stay outside the house to keep an eye on him when Stuart clearly doesn’t want them near him and later on finds out that Stuart got wounded by a flying chainsaw. Stuart is at the hospital and Dean stays to keep an eye on him and ends up geeking out with Dirk about the Hatchet Man while Sam goes back to Stuart’s mom’s house.

No answer from the house, Sam goes to the comic and found out from Samantha that the previous owner of the comic shop, Jordan, fired Stuart because he stole things from the shop. Sam checks the shop with an EMF and it beeps wildly as a sign of a ghost. They soon know that Jordan possesses the comic shop’s Hatchet Man figurine, attacks Sam and Samantha and goes to the hospital to kill Stuart. Sam warns Dean and Dean’s more excited than afraid because of the fact that his favorite character is coming. In the end, the Winchesters send Jordan’s spirit out of the figurine by burning the store’s keychain because Jordan’s linked to it and that’s how he can transfer from Stuart’s house, Stuart’s mom’s house, the comic shop, and the hospital. This episode ends with another brothers’ heart-to-heart, Sam’s real reason of why he hates Halloween so much and Dean suggesting Sam wear matching Halloween outfits for next Halloween.

I absolutely love how this episode exclusively focuses on only Sam and Dean. There wasn’t anyone else in the center of the attention. No Cas, Mary, Bobby and Jack- just the two of them. It’s also not a fail because of the dialogues the boys were given- light and dorky with some sass- felt very genuine and fitted perfectly to the situation. I love it when Sam finally shaved his beard and Dean was completely surprised by it because in last episode Dean hated that beard so much. Also, subtle moments like when Dean switched his cat mug with Sam’s the Flash mug when they went to Stuart’s mom’s house and she served them apple cider, gives me a very strong urge to cry because of this subtle yet adorable sibling moment.

Also, how can I not be touched by the nostalgia this episode gave? This episode treats us with nostalgic factors like salt circle, vengeful spirit, going undercover, the boys went out hunting by themselves like when it was just before everything went complicated. It was just amazing! The nostalgia effect definitely makes this episode worthy of an 8/10 and we absolutely want some more of this. Of course, the easter egg. There was one that caught my eyes: the Red Hood figurine in the comic shop. I may not know who Red Hood is (I’m sorry) but it seems very familiar like I’ve seen that mask before and I was right: it was Jensen Ackles’ Halloween costume for this year that he posted on his Instagram about! Also, Jensen played Red Hood on Batman: Under the Red Hood before and it adds a nice cherry on top to this episode’s easter egg.

The next episode is called “Nightmare Logic” and is directed by Darren Grant. It will air 8/7c on the CW and make sure you know the latest updates by checking Supernatural‘s Instagram and Twitter.

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