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Fans Excited For Long Awaited LGBTQ Representation on Voltron’s New Season

August 9, 20185 min read

Voltron fans are excitedly waiting for the release of Voltron season 7 this 10th of August. Voltron is an animated show by Netflix and Dreamworks, with viewers from ages 8+ that holds a large fandom base of teenagers.  Voltron fans had repeatedly been asking for an LGBT rep in the show, some believed it impossible, seeing that the show is also viewed by young children, while others did not lose hope.

It was later said that Voltron would have LGBTQ representation, and fans already had many theories of who the character(s) might be. Klance, ship name for Keith and Lance, is the most popular ship in the show. Fans had theories of Keith being gay and Lance bisexual. The tension and rivalry between this two characters gave fans a lot of imagination. A root for these theories is the so-called ‘bonding moment’ in season 1.

“We had a bonding moment, I cradled you in my arms,” Keith tells Lance in episode 6 (season 1).

Lance insists he doesn’t remember the ‘bonding moment’ and many fans believe he lied because it was the moment he began to feel confused over his feelings for Keith or the moment he started questioning his sexuality.

All in all, Voltron fans were expecting Klance scenes in the release of season 6 this past June. However, fans were disappointed with the lack of Klance interaction in the season but overwhelmed with what the season brought on.

Lance sacrificing himself, resulting in a short timed death (Allura brought him back), left fans emotionally overwhelmed. To wreck the fans, even more, Shiro and Keith shared a powerful scene which showed the brotherly love they have for each other.

Shiro took the spotlight after it was revealed that he had been dead and replaced by a clone since the battle with Zarkon in season 3, but managed to preserve his consciousness in the Black Lion. Season 6 ends with Shiro’s consciousness put in the clone and the paladins deciding to go back to earth.

In the past San Diego Comic-Con, fans were shocked with the good and bad news. The release date for season 7 was confirmed for August 10th, the season will be back to 13 episodes, however, it was also announced that the series will end with season 8.

The trailer for season 6 was released and fans were given an exclusive look at the past. Netflix, Dreamworks, and show creators finally delivered the big news. The LGBTQ rep is Shiro! It is not some side character as many shows do it, it’s the main character, leader of Voltron, Takashi Shirogane.


After the trailer release an exclusive look at Comic-Con, the official Voltron page on Twitter confirmed Adam to be Shiro’s significant other. Show viewers will be learning more about Shiro’s past and his relationship with Adam in season 7.

Fans did not get the couple they expected, but they got Shiro, the leader of Voltron, as the LGBTQ rep, and they are all here for it. Fan art of Shiro and Adam spread like wildfire throughout social media. Shiro was trending on Twitter to show support and gratitude for the representation the show is giving the LGBTQ community.

Voltron is considered a show for 8 years and up, and even if most viewers are teenagers it is still important to have LGBTQ representation in shows that are apt for children.

Netflix, Dreamworks, and the show creators gave fans gay Shiro, masculine, Asian, leader of Voltron, and now confirmed gay. Fans are all too excited to meet Adam and all that there is to come in season 7. Gay Shiro was welcomed with open arms by the fans. Dreamworks has done it and we hope to see more LGBTQ representation in more TV and Netflix shows.

Voltron creators have warned fans to expect season 7 to be en emotional roller coaster. Fans are excited and a little scared for the upcoming season and to see how Shiro’s sexuality will be handled. Lauren Montgomery, the show creator, has revealed that Shiro and Adam are not together anymore, but fans still have hope for a reconciliation. Voltron fans are just hoping for a happy ending for Shiro and the other paladins, and if they are lucky enough, for endgame Klance.


Fanart Credit: @ sinfulhime on Instagram

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