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‘Future Friends’ By SUPERFRUIT: An Album To Stop Sleeping On

September 17, 20176 min read

SUPERFRUIT, the musical duo of Pentatonix members Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi, just dropped their debut album Future Friends, and yes, it is totally awesome incredible amazing and life-changing. It was released in two parts: the first way back on June 30, and the second on September 15. Here is a look at a few of my favorite tracks that you absolutely have to jam out to when you get the chance.


Imaginary Parties

“Go to imaginary parties
In our make believe Ferrari
Baby let’s get fresh, I know we know how”

Scott and Mitch start this album with an upbeat tune about the kind of euphoric love everyone wants to be in. This song represents relationships that are so great, you are never, ever bored with your partner: Even imaginary parties are enjoyable because the love makes them feel oh so real and incredible. This beautiful message is coupled with an even more aesthetically pleasing music video that cannot be missed.


Bad 4 Us


“But I’ve been thinkin’ it over, so let’s forget all the others babe.”

This song delves into love and relationships that we all know are wrong for us but we feel so attached and infatuated with the partner that we just can’t let them go. The catchy beat paired with effortless harmony make this song undeniably addicting and made me fall in love with it the first time I heard it.

Worth It (Perfect)


“You pull me under, give me something I never had
Push me over with no time to push back
I never felt so good and so bad”

The first time I heard this song I did not fall in love with it. Now, however, it’s definitely my favorite. From the iconic high note to the gender role-shattering music video, you won’t be able to resist rocking out to this incredible track. I can assure you listening to this song and being amazed by the music video will be the most productive things you do all day.


“I’m yours tonight if you say that you want it
Ah yeah, ah yeah
Our paradise if you think you can go there
Ah yeah, ah yeah
A sweet summer love vacation
Feeling the good vibrations”

“Vacation” explores how the time spent with your loved one can feel like eternal bliss. The music video features Scott and MItch in various places that nobody would describe as ideal spots for a vacation, but that when you’re with your significant other, feel magical. The song picks up on the message of “Imaginary Parties” by indulging us once again in how love can bring happiness to almost any situation. This classic summer beat will get you dancing no matter what (I promise).


Sexy Ladies

“No I won’t ever make a move on you, no
But I heard your brother’s pretty cute”

“No I ain’t on your team
But you gonna be my queen for the night
Just tonight”

If there’s anything I love about this album it’s how unapologetically LGBTQ+ inclusive it is. Both Mitch and Scott identify as gay, and they fully support their straight lady friends. This song is about them being willing to be used to make a friend’s ex jealous and be there for them after their breakup. The music video features the amazing Parker Kit Hill.


How You Feeling?


“How you feeling?
Heartbroken and jonesing for a nicotine rush
Like a sad and lonely lush, alright
How you feeling?
Three shots in and hoping I’m not letting you down
Cause I don’t do well in crowds, alright”

The first song off Future Friends (Part Two) is a dance-pop banger about having social anxiety but still wanting to interact with friends at a party. I could picture this song coming on at a summer festival and everyone going absolutely crazy for it. Like “Worth It (Perfect),” this music video is a must-watch with LGBTQ+ and POC representation everywhere. With the impressiveness of being shot in one take, this video is almost as iconic as Mitch’s high notes. You can even spot a few goofy imperfections like when Scott accidentally bumps his head on the way down the stairs.

Overall, everything about this album is even better than I was expecting. I highly, highly recommend it! Check it out on Spotify.


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