Now Reading: Gay Rapper GodIsMikey Is Here to Conquer Your Playlists And The World


Gay Rapper GodIsMikey Is Here to Conquer Your Playlists And The World

October 10, 20186 min read

2018 has been an incredible year for rap music. With the newer rappers like Lil Baby and Cardi B snatching hits left and right, and veterans like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne still moving strong numbers more than twenty years in, rap is pop culture. Although incredible strides have been made this year in terms of female rap popularity (Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Noname, Saweetie, City Girls, Young M.A., etc.), we still do not have openly gay male rappers anywhere near that level. Enter GodIsMikey.

His bodacious flow, delightfully cocky lyricism and experimental production immediately hook any listener. The budding rapper and songwriter has been making waves on Twitter and other music forums recently, and he’s ready to take over the world.

Source: GodIsMikey

1. What inspired your stage name?

Well, GodIsMikey at first glance looks like “Mikey Is God” backward, but it actually is God Is Mi(My) Key. I catch a lot of sh*t for that actually ’cause no one ever asks me what it means. They just assume I’m trying to be God.

2. Why do you want to pursue music?

Because I’m good at it. Music comes naturally to me, it’s a form of therapy. And because I wasn’t hearing the kind of music I wanted to hear on the radio, so I decided to make it myself.

3. Have you had any trouble getting beats/artwork done because of your race or sexuality?

Not really. I have had people, gay and straight, say they wouldn’t listen to a song because the cover art was racy, like my “Barbie Tingz” freestyle, “Godly Tingz.” I think I’m on a bed in briefs and apparently, that’s too much for some people, big whoop.

4. Who/What are your biggest inspirations?

My biggest inspiration is definitely Nicki Minaj, I love everything about her. The backstory, the artistry, it’s all pretty amazing to me. We’re from the same part of NYC, so it’s so cool that someone from my neck of the woods took music to the heights that she’s taken it.

5. Who are your dream collaborators?

Right now, Rico Nasty, I opened for her tour last year and I’ve been obsessed with her music. I think we have similar styles and it’d be cool to get her on a song. But before I die I have to get Nicki Minaj on a song, that’s like major goals for me.

6. What’s your favorite song you’ve released so far?

“Pretend It’s A Video Game.” I think it’s everyone’s favorite song that I’ve released too. It’s my top song on every streaming service, I love it cause I’m singing, but not about love or anything. It’s a slow jam about finessing and credit card scamming, who wouldn’t love that?

Source: GodIsMikey

7. Who do you want to inspire?

I want to inspire other black gay men to be their best selves, to be confident, to know they can do whatever they want to do. That’s my purpose.

8. What influenced your latest album?

My depression. I wanted to put my depression in audible form, there’s a big theme of anger & loneliness, something I experience a lot actually. I also wanted to play around with different sounds, it’s a rap album but I combine a lot of different genres to get the sounds I want.

9. What’s your favorite song from the new album?

My favorite song right now is track #8 called “Diamonds Monsoon.” [It] makes me want to get a sugar daddy and spend all his money.

10. Would you sign to a label?

If the deal was right, yes. I don’t want a 360 [deal] if that’s the case I’d just stay independent. But if the deal meant I could create freely then hell yeah.

11. How do you plan to promote the album? 

I want to do visuals for most of the songs, do interviews like these, and just stay active on social media.

12. Do you have any performances or interviews lined up?

I do have an interview with SOULE Magazine coming soon, I just did an amazing podcast interview with Mental Health In Color which is on iTunes right now. I think I’ll start performing again after I’ve rehearsed.


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