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Get Ready for Vans Warped Tour!

June 11, 20176 min read

As the weather heats up, you can already hear the loud rhythm of guitars and the belting voice of teenage angst. Yes, it’s time for Vans Warped Tour. For those of you who don’t know what Warped Tour is, it’s the largest traveling musical festival in the United States and the longest-running touring music festival in North America, with mostly rock, punk, post-hardcore, and alternative bands. Here you can meet all your favorite bands, listen to them on multiple stages, be with people who share the same music taste, buy merch and, of course, rock out with your friends!

Here you can meet all your favorite bands, listen to them on multiple stages, be with people who share the same music taste, buy merch and, of course, rock out with your friends!

This year Warped Tour is showcasing famous big talents like emo legends Hawthorne Heights, rock singer Andy Biersack and metalcore band Memphis May Fire. But also unknown talents like riot-grrrl band War on Women, alternative-pop singer Tilly and classic rock band Montage. Going to Warped Tour is an amazing experience for everyone but there are some tips you should know.

Don’t: Wear hot clothes just because they look cool

As a fellow leather jacket and combat boots aficionado, I completely understand that you want to look cool, especially if you meet your favorite band! But it’s the summer, which means in some places like Florida, the temperature can be upwards of 90 degrees — it will be unbearably hot. Wearing hot and heavy clothes will guarantee that you will sweat more and become dehydrated, and there’s no better way to ruin a fun time more than pit stains and heat strokes. Be sure to drink lots of water and eat enough food to keep your energy up.

Do: Listen to new bands and artists

One of the best things about Warped Tour is that it gives you an opportunity to listen and even meet new bands. Warped Tour helped bands like Blink-182, My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy become as famous as they are today. You never know when you might find your new favorite band!

Don’t: Mosh or crowd surf

Moshing and crowd surfing may seem like a lot of fun and most of the times it is but it can also be very dangerous. At any moment you can get kicked in the face or slam your head on the ground, some injuries can even be fatal. Concert safety experts say there is no safe way to mosh or crowd surf, so it’s best not to do it than be taken home on a stretcher. As Warped Tour says “You mosh, you crowd surf, you get hurt and we get sued. No more Warped Tour.” Your safety is more important than a moment of adrenaline.

Do: Get there early and plan your day

Most venues open at 11 a.m. but check your venue because the opening times might vary by a half hour or so. It’s important to get there early for two main reasons: band signings and set times. Most band signings require wristbands and to get these wristbands, you need to be there early to get in line. Every band’s set time is not announced until the day of the festival, so if you’re not there early you could miss your favorite band. Plan out your day and which bands your going to see using the Warped Tour app to make the most of your day.

Don’t: Buy fake tickets or passes

Don’t but tickets, wristbands, backstage passes, or anything else from the scalpers outside the venue. Nearly every time they are just trying to scam you and steal your money, which puts a big downer on your entire day. Only buy any tickets or passes from the official Warped Tour site or venue. You can buy tickets here and take a survey to get VIP passes here.

The Music Saves Lives blood drive gives backstage passes to the first 100 donors, so make sure to participate in a great cause. If you’re under 16, your parents can get a free ticket — just bring them with you can your paid ticket.

Most importantly, have fun! Vans Warped Tour is a great experience you will remember years from now and will probably go to again and again.

To see the full band line up click here 

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