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Gone With The Wind: A Review Of “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 15 Episode 8

November 18, 20186 min read

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers from ABC’s medical drama Grey’s Anatomy for Season 15 Episode 8.

Last week’s episode was an intense one packed with drama. Let’s see how this all unfolds this week.

This week’s episode starts off with Meredith picking up Dr. Weber from jail. It seems that he got off without any charges. We also find out that Dr. Bailey and Ben are on a break because the continuous concern for Ben’s well being is the cause of Dr. Bailey’s stress. I knew that they were having some troubles in their marriage, but I didn’t expect them to be on a break. This seemed a bit abrupt. Also, just minutes in we find out why the episode is titled “Blowin’ in the Wind” as there is a severe windstorm in Seattle that is bringing in tons of patients to the trauma wing. One patient that seems to have gotten the worst of it is a lady who had a selfie stick go right through her head.

In the midst of all the patients coming in, Dr. Kim and Schmidt are having a fight. Schmidt still resents Dr. Kim for how he treated him in the elevator and completely dismissed him. While there still seems to be chemistry between them, Dr. Kim has made it obvious that he doesn’t want to date someone who hasn’t come out of the closet yet. Another couple that is at ends is Jackson and Maggie. There is still tension between them after Jackson’s confession in last week’s episode. We’re also going to see problems start to form between Owen, Amelia, and Teddy, as Teddy has finally told Owen that she’s pregnant. This is really going to complicate Amelia and Owen’s budding relationship and family. We can also see some changes and growth in Richard after his incident at the bar, he seems to be on a better track and looking for a new sponsor. I’m happy for him and he’s going to need all the help he can get when he finds out about Catherine’s cancer.

Since finding out about Catherine’s cancer, Meredith has seemed to have a more “you only live once” outlook on life. She suddenly tells Dr. Lincoln that she’ll go out for drinks with him, but Dr. DeLuca notices and it’s obvious that he’s jealous. Being bold, he tells Meredith that he wants her to know that he’s an option and they’re so close to kissing when Meredith walks away. This windstorm seems to have brought out the romantic in everyone when Schmidt saves Dr. Kim after he gets blown into an ambulance. Schmidt goes after him and they head into the ambulance for safety. While in there Schmidt shares his story about coming to terms with his sexuality and the two of them kiss (maybe do a little more than kiss). Also, during this scene was a cute upbeat song that heightened the emotions of the scene. Finally something good happens. I really hope we get to see the characters of Schmidt and Dr. Kim develop even more. From what we’ve seen of Schmidt, I think he’s such a quirky and cute character and I can’t wait to get to know his character more.

The storm also seems to have brought everyone in the hospital together. Even Alex and Jo who are stuck in their apartment together and celebrating their second Honeymoon. Maggie is no longer upset with Jackson after she finds out that Catherine has cancer. Also, Amelia has come to the realization of how much she loves Amelia and tells Owen that she wants to be her official foster mom. This is really heartwarming and I’m happy for them. The storm brings the doctors together in more way than one when the wind knocks down the power lines and the entire hospital loses power. This leaves Owen, Amelia, Teddy, and a patient stuck in one elevator, Dr. Bailey, Dr. Helm, and a patient stuck in another elevator and Meredith and DeLuca stuck in another. Yikes. The ending of this episode will lead us up to tons of drama in the next.

This episode was the fall finale and it was everything I wanted in a finale (besides leaving us on this intense cliffhanger). It was packed full of drama just like last week’s episode. It had the perfect amount of heartwarming, sad, and OMG moments. There is lots that is going on with all the doctors and it’s a little crazy, but this is Grey’s Anatomy and I wouldn’t expect anything less. I’m not sure if I am team DeLuca or team Dr. Lincoln yet, or team Amelia or team Teddy, but I’m excited about the next episode to see how everything plays out and to see how they will get the power back up at the hospital.

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