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Gut Feeling: A Review Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15 Episode 3

October 9, 20187 min read

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers from ABC’s Medical Drama, Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 15 Episode 3.

Last week we saw drama, relationship problems, new crushes and yes, Alex as the new chief. Let’s see how all of this unfolds this week.

This week’s episode starts out with a ~steamy~ scene between Owen and Amelia. Seems like they’re back on the relationship track. We also see Alex enjoying the perks of Chief of Surgery when he occupied what used to be Dr Bailey’s parking spot. Everyone already seems to be undermining Alex’s position as chief, which I think is really rude seeing as he’s one of the original characters. It’s okay though, I have faith in him.

Six minutes in and we’re already seeing our first accident- a shop class teacher passed out causing him to cut off two fingers on a table saw. The teacher also knocked into a kid, causing him to fall directly onto the saw. We later find out that the teacher’s Blood Alcohol level was unbelievably high. In other news, Jackson is revealed to have suddenly disappeared, leaving Maggie a very elusive message. This whole fiasco comes off as pretty confusing to the audience because Jackson just professed his love to Maggie in last week’s episode.

While many people haven’t been acting on their crushes, Dr Lincoln boldly asks out Amelia who is already kind of in a relationship with Owen. In classic Grey’s style, we could see this get real complicated real soon. As the episode progresses further, we see Dr Weber getting very mad at the teacher who he thinks is a drunk. Keeping in mind Dr Weber’s past, his reaction to the situation adds up. He also takes this anger out on Alex by disrespecting him as the new chief. We see a lot of anger displacement with people taking out their rage on the other doctors in the guise of being angry about a different situation. This includes Maggie who is mad at Owen for rushing back into a relationship with Amelia while Teddy is secretly carrying his baby. We’ve gone from love in the last episodes to anger. Yikes.

With all of the characters acting differently than usual, the episode came off as a bit choppy and hard to follow. Obviously, people have different moods, but the characters’ bad moods seemed to be a bit abrupt. With an extremely serious tone in this episode, it seemed to be lacking a more lighthearted tone and quips to break up the seriousness- an element which is deemed crucial in emotionally charged Medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy due the suffering and pain that often stems from their setting in hospitals.

A patient who has a nosebleed is brushed off by Vik as he leaves him bleeding for five hours. When he goes back to check on the patient, he is bleeding out of his mouth and they rush him into surgery. He is unable to be saved as he bled out too much. Vik’s mistakes caused another patient to die. After being given a second chance last season, I expected him to do better but he keeps on disappointing. Noticing Vik’s mistakes, Alex puts his foot down and fires him. I think this was a good call but it could cause problems seeing as the last time Vik was fired- he tried to sue the hospital.

The teacher who passed out is revealed to actually not be drunk but he seems to have a rare disease due to which his entire sugar intake turns sugar into alcohol. It was nice to see that that a patient’s story ended on a happy note. The same can’t be said for Maggie though. Maggie has been trying to hook Amelia up with other doctors in the hospital because of her distrust in Owen. Throughout the entire length of the episode, Maggie is shown to be visibly upset and bothered due to her concerns regarding Owen and Amelia’s relationship coupled with Jackson’s very sudden disappearance.

In this episode, we seemed to be missing a bit of the medical aspect. Usually, in Grey’s, each episode involves a unique case that is described well. I feel that this wasn’t the case with the teacher as his disease wasn’t discussed much. This show is meant to be a medical drama. Hopefully, we will see more of this in future episodes.

This episode, in my opinion, was a bit boring compared to last week. We didn’t see Teddy at all which seemed very strange and confusing. We didn’t even find out where she went. Furthermore, we didn’t catch a glimpse of Jackson at all (We don’t even know the reason why he left). Moreover, the new Dr Kim didn’t get much screentime except once when he took off his shirt (not complaining about that one). I’m sure that this episode was meant to be more of a filler episode, as it was lacking in plot. The plot didn’t have a good flow. I felt that it also lacked in music. Music always heightens the emotions of scenes and we were missing that all the way up until the end when we finally heard one song. Hopefully, next week’s episode picks up a bit.

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