Have Pranks Gone Too Far?

July 22, 20173 min read

Pranks are supposed to be funny, right? Certainly there is a point where a prank can be too much and go too far and it is no longer funny but just traumatizing and sad.

As my sister and I were on the couch each doing our own things on our phone, I heard the YouTube video she was watching and asked her what it was about. She explained that it was about a couple and the girlfriend pranked the boyfriend into thinking she bought their dream home. I looked at their YouTube channel and it was filled with countless other pranks.

The pranks included- the boyfriend pranking the girlfriend into believing he bought her a new car, the girlfriend pretending she got her boyfriend’s name tattooed, and the girlfriend pretending she is getting deported.

In the dream house video, the boyfriend is ecstatic when he finds out about the house. He even cries happy tears and it’s revealed that ever since he found the house he looks at it every night. Clearly, he really wanted the house. He was disappointed, to say the least when the prank was revealed. Imagine being extremely happy about something just to find out it wasn’t true?

The rest of the videos follow the same pattern: happiness and excitement followed by great disappointment.

This couple reminded me of other times when pranks have gone wrong. Remember DaddyOFive? Those are the parents who pranked their children. In the videos you could clearly see the distress in the children’s face. Twitter was not happy about this channel and made this situation blow up. This lead to parents losing custody of the children.

In my opinion, pranks that toy with the emotions of someone are cruel. There’s a difference between funny pranks and pranks that affect people on the emotional level. People can tend to get really emotionally unstable with pranks like buying a dream home. Why would you want to see your significant other disappointed or your children in distress? To me, these videos are not worth the views and fame they might bring.

Sure, there are couples who dedicate their lives to pranking videos — it’s their job. That means they have to mutually agree to be pranked on all the time. But I am sure it will get to the point where it gets tiresome, annoying, and draining.

All in all, there will be varying opinions on pranks but think about the possible emotional distress people go through when pranked.

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