Now Reading: Hayley Kiyoko Debuts New Single ‘Curious’ And It’s Everything We Wanted


Hayley Kiyoko Debuts New Single ‘Curious’ And It’s Everything We Wanted

January 12, 20182 min read

On Jan 11, Hayley Kiyoko released an awesome new single, “Curious,” from her highly anticipated album Expectations. With a music video (directed by James Larese and Kiyoko herself) featuring chorus dance breaks and a classic back and forth romance, “Curious” is what we’ve all been waiting for.

The song features a pair of old loves who are “curious” as to whether or not the other is in a “serious” relationship. With lyrics like I’m just on the floor, I’m like a model” and “I don’t believe you—you ain’t been loving me right” it’s very apparent that “this song is all about self-respect and knowing when to walk away when someone you care about is playing games” just like Kiyoko said in her press release.

The music video stars Kiyoko and an ex-girlfriend who reunite at a house party, but the ex-girlfriend (who evidently still has feelings) shows up with a new guy. With an already riveting plot and the promise of LGBTQ representation, “Curious” is a must-listen-to track and a must-see video. And if you don’t believe me, just look at what Twitter is saying about it:

Hayley Kiyoko thrives in the song with smooth, effortless vocals that are still hard-hitting. The pop-synth beat stays true to her earlier releases of “Feelings” or “Sleepover” yet features a more confident and empowering vibe. Kiyoko stands her ground in this song, which is refreshing as we have never really seen this from her before.

With a new video with over 200,000 views in less than a few hours and with a chart-climbing single, “20GAYTEEN” is looking pretty promising for Hayley Kiyoko. She also just announced she will be playing Coachella for her first time.

Many fans are calling this the “new lesbian anthem” of the many more to come. “Curious” is a taste of what we can expect from her debut album Expectations, which is set to be released on March 30.

Pre-order Expectations and stream “Curious” now.

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